DiscoverHWX132. Blank Your Own Blank
132. Blank Your Own Blank

132. Blank Your Own Blank

Update: 2017-08-23


It's a very special episode of HWX, with Brian Ward and Paul Happe reconvening to discuss the critical issues of our times. Topics addressed include:

  • Exit Steve Bannon. We recount our favorite memories of the Bannon era, and bring in Carly Simon for a fond farewell.

  • Fear Makes a Comeback. Pundits and politicians were all claiming another round of the vapors over President Trump's recent press conference on Charlottesville. We have the audio, and another reason to bring back the Fear Update theme.

  • The death of punditry? Observations on the sad state of the news roundtables and Sunday morning shows. Is it time for something new?

  • Michael Moore launches new Broadway show. We review some of the reviews, and present some exclusive audio from his performance, Michael Moore Broadway Star!

  • Listener email. A review of recent comments and this week's song requests.

  • What were we drinking during the show? Modelo Especial and All Day IPA from Founders Brewing.

All member feedback welcome in the comments section, hope you enjoy.

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132. Blank Your Own Blank

132. Blank Your Own Blank

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