DiscoverAmigosPC133 Steven Briggs TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV
133 Steven Briggs TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV

133 Steven Briggs TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV

Update: 2021-05-17


Join Scott and Mark with their guests Steven Briggs as they chat about the hierarchy of travel transits and Steven’s toilet paper giveaway. Steven Briggs is a comedian, actor, writer, and Youtuber known for his hilarious sketches. Today, he shares stories of him either witnessing someone almost getting stabbed on a Greyhound or drinking breast milk from a shot glass twice. If you want to hear more crazy stories, stay tuned and enjoy the episode!Where Do Truck Drivers Hook UpIn this episode, Steven asked the vital question, “Where do truck drivers hook up?” Now, thequestion stemmed from their conversation about “The Mile High Club.” That is, If someonehooks up on a plane and they call it “The Mile High Club,” what would they call it if someonehooked up on a bus? The three then agreed on “The Mile Marker Club,” but it eventuallyevolved into how you would even hook up on a bus, and in turn, on a truck. At first, they thoughttruck drivers would hook up on the tiny beds they would sleep on in the front of the truck. ButSteven proposed that truck drivers would hook up in the back, where the fruits and vegetablesare. Hence, while the three jokingly agreed on this idea, this also answers why your avocadosare sticky.Steven’s Toilet Paper GiveawayRight when COVID started, Steven did somewhat of a “giveaway.” He always wanted to buy abidet, and he did, which changed his life forever. But now, he had a bunch of toilet paper he nolonger needed. Hence, he put out a speaker on his balcony, played some music, andannounced that he was giving away his toilet paper. Then again, that wasn’t the best part of it.People started crowding up the place just to come and get toilet paper, and to Steven lookedlike a pigeon coming for bread crumbs. Even better, more people came by every day at around3 PM to, again, just get free toilet paper. Steven even described them as feral cats becausepeople would often end up fighting over the last rolls. In the end, it was a fun experience for bothSteven and his neighbors.About Steven BriggsSteven is an LA-based comedian, writer, and actor. In addition to his international touringschedule for Stand-up, he regularly shoots sketch comedy for his YouTube channel, which hasgrown exponentially in recent years, with videos grossing over 100k views.He has just returned from his 5th tour performing for the US troops in the Middle East and hasrecently been featured on TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV CW,and is slated to appear on a new Netflix show this year. His album, Whiskey Dick, can be foundon iTunes.Outline of the Episode:● [02:23 ] Why Steven Briggs likes eating hot stuff and his experience eating a CarolinaReaper.● [04:15 ] The euphoria of sensory overload and different kinds of weed.● [08:55 ] What would get Mark to smoke a dab again, and what an EBT card is.● [12:37 ] Who do people say they look like and comments on Steven’s bleached hair.● [13:50 ] How horse-backing a dog is better than just riding a bus while touring the states.● [15:45 ] Steven’s story about seeing someone almost getting stabbed on a Greyhound.● [19:07 ] The hierarchy of travel transit and where cars would be on it.● [22:24 ] Where do truck drivers hook up, and why your avocados are sticky.● [25:34 ] How Steven ended up moving into a haunted apartment.● [27:59 ] Why drinking breast milk from a shot glass twice did not get Steven onWorldStar.● [30:59 ] What got Steven into sketch comedy, and how he did a toilet paper giveaway.● [37:19 ] Another story where Steven saw a guy bug 36 rolls of toilet paper at the height ofthe TP scare.● [39:00 ] Why it has been years since Steven was on a website and how AmigosPC needsto update their questions.● [45:09 ] Why Steven thinks “Australia is not real” and how Kangaroos are just pokemon.● [46:29 ] What is a piece of information that Steven learned that he feels should be illegalfor him to know.● [49:50 ] Where you should start if you come across Steven Briggs’ library of content.● [50:10 ] How Steven’s younger brother is not his mother’s favorite because she shot agun at him.● [57:32 ] How Mormons have sex and how “Jumpers” should be an app.,Catch Steven Briggs!Website: with AmigosPC!Website:https://www.amigospc.netFacebook: out Offical AmigosPC Merch at: to the AmigosPC podcast on the following platforms:…Join the Amigospc on Rollercoin as mentioned on this episode:








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133 Steven Briggs TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV

133 Steven Briggs TruTV's Laff Tracks, Hulu's Coming to the Stage, Jokesters TV