DiscoverBicara Supply Chain133. Fostering the global circular economy
133. Fostering the global circular economy

133. Fostering the global circular economy

Update: 2021-04-23


Guest Name: Kai Costantini, Expert in biomimicry Design and circular process, Ambassador at The Circular Economy Institute, CEC.  Language: English, Publication date: April, 23. 2021

Kai Costantini has been active in circularity and as a Biomimicry practitioner since 2016. Kai founded the local Calgary Circular Economy Club chapter in 2017, and now leads the CEC Winnipeg chapter in Manitoba, Canada. She is an Ambassador for the Circular Economy institute and collaborates with CEI on developing certification. Kai works as a Business Consultant , advising on strategy, innovation, talent and capability building in startup and SMEs. Kai operates at nodes which can leverage large scale systemic change often in an open and distributed manner fostering networked capabilities, like the CEC (Circular Economy Club) global network, She engages as Advisor in matters of CE with the Natural Systems Engineering group at INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineering) and is on the Advisory Board of the Alberta Biomimicry Chapter.

Kai is a former Executive Search Professional specialized in Life Sciences. She held positions as IT Systems Manager and as IT Project Coordinator for multi- country ERP migration. She has a Ba In Combined Studies of Arts, studied European Integration in, Paris, France and specialized in Human Capital Strategy. Today Kai refocuses on strategic talent acquisition to foster circular bioeconomy capabilities. Kai is an invited speaker at Biomimicry Lecture series, MIT Bio Community and other events.

Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast including:

  • How do you see a shifting-trends globally from a linear economy to circular economy ?

  • What the business leaders must-to-do in securing that they are moving into the right direction ?

  • Coud you please share your thought on what are probably major obstable happened in creating the global circular economy ?

  • Some other key takeaway

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133. Fostering the global circular economy

133. Fostering the global circular economy

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