DiscoverAmigosPC134. Dave Sarra Comedian and co host of Comedy Stains
134. Dave Sarra Comedian and co host of Comedy Stains

134. Dave Sarra Comedian and co host of Comedy Stains

Update: 2021-05-26


Join Scott and Mark with their guests Dave Sarra as they chat about comedy club stories, conspiracy theories, and the age of shitty sequels. Dave Sarra is a stand-up comedian, podcast host, Twitch streamer, and Youtuber known for the most random types of humor. Today, he shares his thoughts on comedians, politics, adult sites, and Antarctica. There’s a lot to unpack, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode!

Comedians and Connections

In this episode, Dave shares countless stories about comedy clubs and how most of them nowadays are just there to get your name out. Back when Kill Tony was still a thing, it was a way for most up-and-coming comedians to enter the scene. But, more often than not, newer podcasts trying to emulate Kill Tony only want to bring on big names like Joe Rogan, which Mark pointed out that podcasts are not about connecting with more prominent comedians but with an actual audience. After all, an audience is what makes a star and not just the people you know. Funny enough, Dave made the same point later on, saying that it is not about fame but about having fun with the audience and your peers. Unfortunately, while Joe Rogan’s ideology that all comedians are peers, Dave Sarra believes otherwise because if it were that simple, then it would not be difficult for aspiring comedians to enter the stand-up industry. While Dave made an attempt and failed, he still tries to connect with other comedians because he genuinely enjoys the company of others like him. In the end, the connections that matter are the ones where you have the most fun.

Conspiracies on Antarctica and Giant Culture

Later on, Dave is asked the usual “Is Australia real?” question, which, interestingly enough, spiraled down into a discussion surrounding Antarctica. While he immediately confirmed that Australia is real, contrary to Flat Earthers’ beliefs, he still questioned why Antarctica surrounds the Earth on all its edges. For a moment, this question confused the hosts to the point that they thought Dave was a Flat Earther. Luckily, he was not, but that does not waver his concerns around Antarctica. Now, when he was asked what his favorite conspiracy theory is, to the hosts’ surprise again, Dave did not answer Antarctica but rather Giant Culture. At first, the three went on about a documentary-like show about giants, spiraling down once again into how redheads and dinosaurs prove that giants could have existed. While numerous studies have either debunked or proven it, giant culture remains a conspiracy that will always pique Dave Sarra’s interest.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:18 ] Dave talks about what he does and how he met Kelsey Hudgins.
[06:50 ] How podcasts like Kill Tony were a way for up-and-coming comedians to be seen.  
[08:22 ] Dave’s experience being on Kill Tony and how much he sucked the first time.
[10:55 ] What comedy bars are open in Los Angeles, and which ones charge too much.
[13:03 ] How comedy clubs nowadays are about getting your name out there than connecting with an audience.
[16:17 ] How long he’d been doing stand-up, and why comedians are not the same.
[19:19 ] The Green Room and Dave’s stories of hanging around big names like Bobby Lee and Joe Rogan.
[22:45 ] Dave’s notes on previous guests and how the background music trips him up.
[26:01 ] Their thoughts on magic and Dave’s Magic Castle story.
[29:27 ] Growing up in the age of shitty sequels and why Dave loves them.
[31:40 ] Recent movies they saw and why not having been to theaters made even the shitty ones good.
[34:24 ] What the best Star Wars movie is and why it is not The Force Awakens.
[38:21 ] A discussion on wrestling and politics and why Dave loves getting involved in both.
[40:53 ] What Dave Sarra’s favorite adult site is and why he made an Xvideos account.
[44:02 ] Their answers to Dave’s question of “If you’re stuck on an island, which pornstar’s entire videography would you have with you?”
[46:01 ] Dave’s countless experiences in his younger years and how some of them still turn him on.
[53:02 ] Dave Sarra’s answer to “Is Australia real?” and his question of “Why is Antarctica surrounding the earth in all edges?”
[57:29 ] Dave’s favorite conspiracy theory and why he loves Giant Culture.
[01:00:27 ] Why Dave is concerned about Antarctica’s existence and how conspiracy theories around ‘child pornography’ are often dismissed.
[01:05:06 ] A continuation of the Giant Culture discussion and why redheads and dinosaurs prove it.
[01:11:38 ] What pieces of information Dave has learned that he would think should be illegal for him to know.

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134. Dave Sarra Comedian and co host of Comedy Stains

134. Dave Sarra Comedian and co host of Comedy Stains

Mark Andersen, Scott Lathrop