DiscoverAmigosPC135 Dave Vadala Comedian Host of The Comics Feature
135 Dave Vadala Comedian Host of The Comics Feature

135 Dave Vadala Comedian Host of The Comics Feature

Update: 2021-06-07


Join Scott and Mark with their guests Dave Vadala as they chat about reviewing movies and working as a stand-up comic during the pandemic. Dave Vadala is a comedian, filmmaker, movie critic, and podcast host known for his dark humor, which sometimes gets him in trouble. Today, Dave shares his thoughts on how annoying friendly neighborhoods are and why Australia could be The Matrix. You don’t want to miss this, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode!

Why People Love Movies

In this episode, when asked why he talks about movies in his podcast, Dave answered it with the reasoning behind each episode’s format. He admitted that he always liked the escapism that movies provided. Hence, like movies, he would start the show with a cold open, comedians making a minute or so of jokes about the movie or not. Dave would then continue to the bulk of the episode, which was the movie review. Movies have always been a passion of his. But what seals the deal was how accessible a touchstone it was, making it all the more relatable to talk about in any setting. And now that several movies are going straight to streaming services and many people are staying at home, movies stayed true to what they always were—a form of escapism anyone can rely on, that even the worst movies are still fun.

Never Be Friends With Neighbors

Most people would think that having friendly neighbors is lovely, and, to some extent, it is. But, if you just want to go about your day without interacting with anyone, you are not in luck if you move to Arizona. While there are pros to being friends with your neighbors, it can be awkward when you two get into a big fight because you would have to live with each other. Later in the episode, Dave and the hosts talk about why you should not be friends with your neighbors. First of all, it is never an ideal setting to suddenly stop in your tracks just to talk to a neighbor you happen to pass by. Not only would you get in the way of other people also trying to go about their day, the awkwardness of just standing in front of your house, talking about the most mundane things, can get real old, real fast. Second, as mentioned before, if ever you do get into a fight with your neighbor, it would just make being in that neighborhood annoying at best. And third, don’t get me started on nosy neighbors, especially the ones with whom you had a strongly-worded argument. And so, remember, never be friends with your neighbors if you do not want to get canceled in the most boomer way possible, real-life gossip.

About Dave Vadala:

Dave Vadala is a Boston comic seen often active online these days. Dave also hosts The Comic’s Feature Podcast, where he talks with comedians about movies that hit streaming services. Dave’s comedy is primarily silly and fun, but it is limited by his intelligence or, in some cases, supercharged.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:31 ] Dave Vadala talks about what he does on his podcast, The Comic’s Feature.
[04:17 ] How long Dave has been doing comedy and a discussion on dark humor.
[12:33 ] What drove him to talk about movies on the podcast and their ranking system.
[17:30 ] Their thoughts on Entourage and Dave’s podcast idea “Upon to Rage.”
[25:03 ] What it was like working as a stand-up in New York amid the pandemic.
[27:22 ] Living in different states and how annoyingly friendly it is in Arizona.
[32:17 ] Why you should not be friends with your neighbors.
[36:29 ] More on Dave’s New York trip and how he became a joke junky.
[39:46 ] How difficult it is to find avenues to work your craft as a stand-up.
[44:50 ] The pressure and excitement of performing in different states in front of new crowds.
[47:08 ] Dave Vadala’s answer to “Is Australia is real?” and why it could be The Matrix.
[50:13 ] Dave’s favorite conspiracy and why DJ Khaled is not “real” either.
[55:20 ] A piece of information that Dave has learned that he feels should be illegal.

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135 Dave Vadala Comedian Host of The Comics Feature

135 Dave Vadala Comedian Host of The Comics Feature

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