DiscoverBicara Supply Chain135. Navigating supply chain risks
135. Navigating supply chain risks

135. Navigating supply chain risks

Update: 2021-05-04


Guest Name: Jonathan Kempe, CEO & Founder, VERIFAI .  Language: English, Publication date: May, 04. 2021

Jonathan is a technical Founder with over 20 years’ experience as a systems administrator across a broad array of disciplines. He has excelled in diverse roles: from senior positions in large corporates; founding and running several businesses; holding trusted positions in nationally accredited NFPs and NGOs and working in an Australian Defence Force endorsed satellite communications provider.  He is connected to Australian business advocacy groups, Government bodies and the Start-up scene, regularly contributing to innovation and industry forums in IoT, biometrics, protecting critical infrastructure to improve supply-chain outcomes. 

With a unique and creative vision, Jonathan leads the incredible team at Verifai. Verifai has a particular interest in maritime and intermodal supply-chain security, utilizing unique technologies to generate trustworthy data, provide provenance assurance, and secure assets at rest and in transit. The Verifai team has a diverse array of abilities: IoT hardware devices; full stack software and firmware engineers; leading practitioners in supply-chain management, manufacturing, operational excellence, senior academics, a biometrics expert, and internationally acclaimed cybersecurity luminaries. 

Jonathan is passionate about solving global problems, loves to work alongside creative entrepreneurs, and is dedicated to building real solutions that positively transform the world.

Some of the highlights of questions from the podcast including:

  • Supply chain security;  what it means and how important is security in the supply chain?

  • What are some security risks in the supply chain? How can we define, detect & assess it earlier as possible ?

  • How can supply chain security be improved ?

  • Can you share some success stories from your client about how they improved the security ?

  • What sort of practical things can we change now to ensure that the business stays profitable and protected ?

  • Some other key takeaways.

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135. Navigating supply chain risks

135. Navigating supply chain risks

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