DiscoverI AM Goddess Collective Podcast137: Intuition vs. Ego with Natalie Miles
137: Intuition vs. Ego with Natalie Miles

137: Intuition vs. Ego with Natalie Miles

Update: 2019-12-17


Goddess of the Week: Natalie Miles

About our guest: 

Natalie Miles is a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Medium and host of the top spiritual podcast on ITunes, “So You Think You’re Intuitive?” However, Natalie isn’t the typical psychic medium. It’s her mission to make intuition accessible and be the “door opener” for others to connect to their intuition. Intuition is for everyone. 

She believes that everyone is born intuitive, but most people have forgotten how to use their natural gifts. Natalie has been guided by Spirit to be “the door opener” and reactivate people with their intuition. But this isn’t just about reactivating your gifts to get future guidance on your life. It’s to inspire others to use their intuition so they can heal the present moment. To look at what’s holding them back, acknowledge their blocks and begin the healing process so they can live their most authentic life.


What we chat about: 

  • How to know if it’s your intuition or your ego speaking.
  • Keeping the faith and trusting the process even when you feel lost and disconnected
  • Letting go of expectations and going within for guidance and truth
  • Remembering WHY you do what you do and truly embodying the message that you are sharing
  • Limiting beliefs that block you from your intuitive gifts
  • Healing your ancestral story and reclaiming your personal intuition.
  • Family as a source of deep healing

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137: Intuition vs. Ego with Natalie Miles

137: Intuition vs. Ego with Natalie Miles

Nixie Marie