DiscoverAmigosPC137. Brandon Gooch Hahn Las Vegas Radio Host Komp 92.3
137. Brandon Gooch Hahn Las Vegas Radio Host Komp 92.3

137. Brandon Gooch Hahn Las Vegas Radio Host Komp 92.3

Update: 2021-06-24


Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Brandon "Gooch" Hahn, as they chat about “branding” in music genres and cancel culture. Brandon Hahn is an afternoon radio personality, an accomplished stand-up comedian, and a raging hypocrite from Las Vegas. Along with Dennis Huff and Petar Spajic, Brandon also hosts the best podcast in the universe, at least according to them, “Rise To Offend.” Today, he shares his thoughts on how similar music genres are and why flat earthers are stupid. There’s a lot to unpack, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode. 

The Magic of Music on the Radio

After talking about segregation among music genres and fans, Brandon shares why he loves radio. He believes that there is a certain magic to playing requested songs. After all, no one knows what is coming up next. The variety of music on the radio gives listeners a chance to find other genres of music they might grow to love. Song requests on radio break listeners out of their echo chamber and, in turn, see what else is out there. It is then that they get to see if there is anything else that can eventually inspire them. Sometimes, all people need to get into a different genre is a “hook.” This “hook” can be a theme, a lyric, or even a melody. But once they find it, they can look for it in their usual genre or deep dive into another. It can even lead to what can be their favorite song someday. In the end, music is for everyone, and radio is what can bring magic to them.

How to Deal with Cancel Culture

In this episode, Brandon admitted to having his fair share of experiences on cancel culture. He then shared his best advice about it. Brandon, for one, does not engage in any forms of cancel culture, which is the first step to dealing with it. For instance, if somebody comes at you, confronting them only makes matters worse for you. As a result, instead of invalidating their claims, you end up helping their case. Hence, Brandon highly suggests ignoring them because eventually they will either run out of breath or look like the bad guy instead. But let’s face it. Ignoring them can be easier said than done. After all, the most challenging part about living in this world now is not reacting but just understanding that some people want to be validated so much that they will go extreme to do so. They invalidate others because they find comfort in knowing what they say or do matter when in reality, we all matter. Cancel culture is just a competition of “whose opinions matter more.” But again, people often forget that opinions are just that, opinions. And it is best to look in a different direction and go along with our day. 

About Brandon "Gooch" Hahn:

Brandon "Gooch" Hahn started his radio journey in 2000, where he managed to score an internship without accruing insane amounts of debt. Thanks to being too dumb for college. Eighteen years later, he's in the same building where he started, holding down the afternoon shift for KOMP "The Rock Station." The jokes and personal philosophies he unleashes on his audience have been known to bring about either laughter or confusion, depending on the listener's sobriety level at the time. Brandon is also an accomplished standup comedian who performs mainly in the southwest and over the Vegas strip. His hobbies include playing guitar, Madden, and anger management.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:01 ] Brandon “Gooch” Hahn’s thoughts on Tacos and Mexican Food
[02:11 ] What brought Brandon to do radio and comedy
[04:35 ] His first gig at the station before becoming an afternoon regular
[07:21 ] What’s the audience like in Las Vegas and the communities there
[09:48 ] Giveaways amid the pandemic and COVID’s impact on the Las Vegas communities
[12:19 ] How the pandemic gave us a chance to do some self-reflection
[13:28 ] What “rock and roll” is and the problem with segregation among music genres
[15:21 ] How similar most music genres truly are, from hip-hop, country, and even punk
[18:22 ] Kid rock and how he was able to keep a large fanbase for so long
[21:52 ] Branding in the music industry and how it keeps artists afloat
[23:11 ] What bands, hobbies, and other interests Brandon invests in
[25:00 ] The magic behind playing requested music on radio stations
[27:03 ] A discussion on cancel culture and Brandon’s experience with it
[34:01 ] How the documentary podcast “Rise to Offend” is a response to cancel culture
[36:27 ] Brandon "Gooch" Hahn on whether Australia is real and how much he hates flat earthers
[41:30 ] The one music genre Brandon listens to as a guilty pleasure
[45:12 ] What many people like that he cannot stand; social media and politics
[55:31 ] A piece of information that Brandon has learned that he feels should be illegal

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137. Brandon Gooch Hahn Las Vegas Radio Host Komp 92.3

137. Brandon Gooch Hahn Las Vegas Radio Host Komp 92.3

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