DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show138: Deep Dive | Forget Finding Your Purpose -- Do This Instead
138: Deep Dive | Forget Finding Your Purpose -- Do This Instead

138: Deep Dive | Forget Finding Your Purpose -- Do This Instead

Update: 2018-12-2425


Gabriel Mizrahi (@GabeMizrahi) joins us to deep dive into the elusive subject of purpose -- why you’re not finding it as easily as the so-called experts say you should be, and why you should be following meaning to purpose instead of picking a purpose and hoping it’s full of meaning. [Featured image by Smart]

What We Discuss with Gabriel Mizrahi:

  • The difference between purpose and meaning.

  • Why reverse-engineering meaning from purpose is harder (and far less effective) than finding purpose through meaning.

  • What an ER nurse taught Gabriel about the surprising ways meaning can manifest.

  • Why you should be suspicious of what The Cult of Purpose is trying to sell you.

  • The best ways to naturally follow meaning to purpose without forcing an expectation of what that purpose is.

  • And much more...

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Comments (6)

Mikael Dupuy

A breathe of fresh air from you both on this one. Very important and needed episode. It is so important to uncover a meaning into what we doas there are plenty if we just look for it. A Japanese technique called ikigai fits well with what you are discussing. It basically means connecting what you are good / talented at with the lifestyle you want to live and what the world (locally / globally) needs. I do believe that using your strength in whatever job you are in is important for creating job satisfaction. Thanks a lot, will check out the other deel dives!

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

Kevin M

Hey Jordan, level one was working well for me with reconnecting old connections. But I have fallen off the wagon. I’m going to give it a second run and this time complete it. Thanks for the accountability!

Dec 27th
Reply (1)

Kevin M

Very interesting and thought provoking episode, especially with the new year right around the corner. Although I felt like I got some of the points in this episode I feel like I still need to listen to this once again. I might not have gotten 100% of the picture for this deep dive. my takeaway is to accept that not finding my purpose immediately doesn’t mean its the end of the world. And with that in mind it doesn’t hurt to find meaning by going thru the everyday motions and to attempt exploring areas of interests in my life. Thanks Jordan for this one. I will post additional thoughts if any changes comes to me after my second listen!

Dec 26th
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138: Deep Dive | Forget Finding Your Purpose -- Do This Instead

138: Deep Dive | Forget Finding Your Purpose -- Do This Instead

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