DiscoverAmigosPC138. Alex Velluto Comedian Scorn Crypto Buyer
138. Alex Velluto Comedian Scorn Crypto Buyer

138. Alex Velluto Comedian Scorn Crypto Buyer

Update: 2021-07-05


Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Alex Velluto, as they chat about different cryptocurrencies and why Alex hates all of them. Alex Velluto is an actor, a writer, and a comedian on the rise. With two Dry Bar Comedy specials and millions of online views, Alex has performed in the top comedy clubs across the country in over 60 cities as a member of the Dry Bar Comedy Tour. Today, he shares his thoughts on healthcare, billionaires, and nudity-backed crypto. You don’t want to miss this, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode!The Existential Crisis Behind CryptoWhen asked about his short-lived crypto journey, Alex went on about how much he hated it. Alongside investing and billionaires, cryptocurrency is on top of his “It can die in a fire” list. After investing a few cents into Dogecoin, he ended up with a lot less than he had imagined. And so, he pulled out whatever investment he had in Doge and swore never to do it again. However, this is not the only reason why he is bitter about cryptocurrency. At first, Alex jokingly said that he hates crypto because he wishes he had gotten into it sooner. But soon after, he also shared his experience talking about crypto with people he knew. In this experience, he intuitively realized that crypto is based on the value people put in it. And so, if crypto is based on the value people give it, then the same can be said for anything else—stocks, real estate, other people, etc. Hence, with cryptocurrency, Alex Velluto is constantly reminded that everything in life is meaningless, the one thought he tries to forget, even for a little while. And yet, here he is, talking about different cryptocurrencies in today’s episode of Amigospc. The Aftermath of Decentralizing Big CompaniesOften, the goal of cryptocurrency is to decentralize large businesses such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Then again, while discussing how Helium plans to go up against The Internet, Alex posed the question, “What happens after they succeed?” Like the concept of anarchism, crypto’s goal to take down big companies could only mean that crypto seeks to take their place, which is arguably just as bad. Later in the episode, Alex best described it as “taking down evil corporations by being more evil.” Of course, while this is a joke, there may be some truth to crypto’s means to decentralize ventures in power. And while Mark tried to counter it with “what if crypto becomes sustainable,” it still begs the question, “who would be responsible for its regulation then?”. What would the distribution of resources be like then? Will the value of crypto be sustainable when, at its core, its value is based on what value people give it? So far, sustaining the value of crypto has already proven to be impossible. Hence, Alex’s concern over the aftermath of crypto’s success is still valid. Either way, only the future holds the answer to his question, and the number of existential crises in this episode is enough for one day.About Alex Velluto:Alex Velluto was named “Best of Fest” at the Golden Spike Comedy Festival. Alex also won at the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival in Ithaca, NY, and got into the finals at the Boston Comedy Festival. Since then, he has performed at other top festivals globally, including the Big Sky Comedy Festival and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.In 2016, Alex was voted “Best Comedian” by City Weekly Magazine. Now, his debut comedy special "Alex Velluto: Spurious" is currently streaming on Amazon. He is also said to appear alongside the cast of JK Studios, formerly known as Studio C, in their series Loving Lyfe. Not only that, he will be hosting a comedy walking series for NordicTrack despite being vaguely out of shape, according to him. Outline of the Episode: • [00:52 ] Alex Velluto just found out his YouTube video got viral • [02:10 ] Why Alex hates investing, crypt

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138. Alex Velluto Comedian Scorn Crypto Buyer

138. Alex Velluto Comedian Scorn Crypto Buyer

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