#139: Jennifer Grimson: Empowering Women with "Micro-Empires"

#139: Jennifer Grimson: Empowering Women with "Micro-Empires"

Update: 2021-11-11


Joining us on the Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K Podcast is Jennifer Grimson
Jennifer was a single mother who lost everything; she found herself with no money, no job, no car, no place to live, and the sole support for her two children...TWICE.  She knew that I had to rebuild again. This time, instead of just looking for a job with a big paycheck, She was going to find a way to grow my money. She envisioned creating a series of income-producing “micro empires” that would protect her, her family, and my assets. 
Over the next 4 years, she took tiny, actionable steps that moved her in the direction of these goals. She surrounded herself with the right people and took calculated educated moves. She did not quit my job. She did not win the lottery. She did not get an inheritance. She manipulated my 401k, She learned about new vehicles for investments, She used my paycheck, She used my HSA, She used the tools She had at hand at the time. She took micro-risks.
At the end of these 4 years, She had over $1.4m in income-producing properties, had become a hard money lender, and had invested in private technology companies. She realized that She had created her own micro empire!
The goal of the Micro-Empires Podcast is to provide those real-life steps and tools to create and grow your micro empires. 
On this podcast we go over:

Married to losing EVERYTHING

The steps Jennifer took to create her micro empire


Generational Wealth

You can find more about Jennifer at:

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#139: Jennifer Grimson: Empowering Women with "Micro-Empires"

#139: Jennifer Grimson: Empowering Women with "Micro-Empires"

Krystle Moore and Kenny Simpson