DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala Taha#139: The Power of Being Present with Marc Champagne
#139: The Power of Being Present with Marc Champagne

#139: The Power of Being Present with Marc Champagne

Update: 2021-11-011


Want to live your life with more intention?

In this episode we are talking with Marc Champagne! Marc is a creator, author, podcast host, and mental fitness strategist. In 2016 Marc co-founded the digital journaling app KYŌ once he saw a need for a digital guided journaling tool for people. After fast and immense success with KYŌ, he made the decision to end the business and delete the app permanently after realizing his business model wasn’t sustainable or profitable. 

In 2019 he created his podcast Behind the Human, which has since become a top 50 health charting show, where he talks to some of the greatest minds about how to live with more intention and presence. He created his own brand strategy business using his mental fitness theory called THRIVE, and has become an acclaimed mental fitness strategist through his work with THRIVE. His first book, Personal Socrates, “is an exploration of questions that shape the lives of legends and world-class performers—questions that have the power to change your life and work”, and is hitting shelves in October 2021.

In today’s episode, we discuss Marc’s journey with creating and ultimately ending the popular journaling app KYŌ and how that led his path to writing Personal Socrates. We also discuss Marc’s full-proof formula to getting unstuck, why journaling actually works, and the questions to ask ourselves to live with more clarity and intention. If you’ve been searching for questions to lead to inner change, keep listening!

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00:54 : Marc’s Backstory and Journey to Entrepreneurship

05:34 : The Question that Led Marc to Shut Down His App

09:04 : Marc’s Path to Writing Personal Socrates

11:08 : Marc’s Formula to Getting Out of a Rut

19:13 : Why Journaling Works

21:43 : The Questions Marc Asks Himself

24:40 : Breaking Down the Socratic Method

28:54 : The 5-4-3-2-1 Principle

30:24 : Marc’s Favorite Profiles in Personal Socrates

36:48 : Marc’s Secret to Profiting in Life

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#139: The Power of Being Present with Marc Champagne

#139: The Power of Being Present with Marc Champagne

Hala Taha