DiscoverThe Crypto Podcast#14 Bitcoin Evangelism - Brian De Mint
#14 Bitcoin Evangelism - Brian De Mint

#14 Bitcoin Evangelism - Brian De Mint

Update: 2022-05-16


This episode explains about Crypto, Bitcoin & wallets.

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About my Guest:( In his words)

I began to study Bitcoin and blockchain in 2013 and began buying BTC in 2014.  Since then I have consulted for organizations both big and small regarding their crypto investment strategies.  I worked for 3 years as the Chief Marketing Officer for Atheneum Blockchain.    

I resigned from that position in 2021 to write my book Bitcoin Evangelism.  I noticed that many of my friends and business acquaintances that owned crypto were having a difficult time discussing crypto with other people because they didn't understand the fundamentals.  

Their conversations relegated to only being able to discuss Bitcoin in terms of "I think the price will go up in the future".  But past that, they couldn't tell people why Bitcoin and the broader crypto market was a good potential investment.    

Bitcoin Evangelism will not only help someone understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin and blockchain, but they will also gain a higher level understanding of digital asset investing strategies, macroeconomics and how our current financial systems operate.

What we Discussed:

- His Crypto Journey

- His New Book 'Bitcoin Evangelism'

- Bitcoin Transaction Costs

- Electricity V's Bitcoin 

- Why Texas is adopting Bitcoin

- Start to learn with small amounts

- Different types of wallets

- Encryption of $1000 of Bitcoin hidden in his book for the first person to find it.

and more

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#14 Bitcoin Evangelism - Brian De Mint

#14 Bitcoin Evangelism - Brian De Mint

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