DiscoverGrow your positive mindset#14 - What is your definition of success?
#14 - What is your definition of success?

#14 - What is your definition of success?

Update: 2018-12-07


What is your definition of success?

Every person on this earth is unique.

Every person on this earth wants to be successful.

But what is a success?

For one person this can be a huge business with millions of euro. For another, that is just the freedom to live their lives in the country they want.

Today I want to share a thought that your success is not the same definition of the success of someone else.

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#7 - Split your goals up and make them very specific
Most people, not only people who have anxiety feelings, setting goals often too far away and are making them big.But in order to make them smart and simple, you could have a goal on the long-term like “Running a marathon in a year”.But if you are not a person that is used to sports that often you don’t know if it is gonna work as you have planned to.Some people are very strong and self-disciplined on this, but I don’t and maybe you are also not like that. So you have to translate that to now and make it smaller so it is achievable and testable.How do we break it down?First I would write down my big goal in this way “As {name} I want to be able to {goal} in order to {reason}”.The goal is now structured with the goal and the why. The why is super important, that describes the reason why you want to achieve this.On Facebook, we are building a community to help each other grow a positive mindset. Join today for free! the show notes: you have any questions on how to break your goals down into smaller tasks? Please email me at or DM me on Instagram @positivitybyrayrayCheck out my Etsy shop to get positive quotes as printable and wallpapers: You can find me:- Instagram: - Website:
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#14 - What is your definition of success?

#14 - What is your definition of success?