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14. Save the Dog Parents

14. Save the Dog Parents

Update: 2018-08-23


Dogs have been "man's best friend" for centuries, but as of recent dog-parents have come under fire from judgemental outsiders. Crazy, right? But it "begs" a bunch of deeper questions: do patrons in our society really think dogs are a replacement for kids? Why do dog parents go the route they do? Why do people care so much about this decision? And do dogs really provide good training for following kids?

Ultimately, this podcast is just discussion as we reflect on all angles of the issue. We're dog parents (and kid parents), and empathize with both sides of this issue. But what we don't agree with, is how judgemental people can get over another's life choices.

Building upon our series of taking hot topics and unpacking them from various perspectives, Save the Dog Parents shares both our own experiences, lessons and insights and applies them to cultural norms and practices. Having been "dog parents" before "kid parents", we provide a unique perspective in reflecting back on this whole endeavor. And what's the big take away? Dog parents and kid parents both take flack from judgemental outsiders. Save 'em all!

The Save the Parents podcast is a podcast by & for parents who appreciate cynicism, skepticism, humourous and explicit podcasts. We unpack tricky issues, relate them to our own experiences. Spoken over our kitchen table, Adam & Jenny Thuen share their views, beliefs and comments to help you and other parents rise to the challenge of raising responsible kids amid today's societal challenges. Questions or comments? We would love to hear them. Check out our Patreon page at to share. Thanks for listening!








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14. Save the Dog Parents

14. Save the Dog Parents

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