DiscoverAmigosPC140. Ben Sorensen and the things that can kill you in Australia
140. Ben Sorensen and the things that can kill you in Australia

140. Ben Sorensen and the things that can kill you in Australia

Update: 2021-08-02


Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Ben Sorensen, as they talk about living in Australia amid the “spicy cough.” In a nutshell, Ben is a quirky, eccentric, and stylish multi-platform personality, from voice acting, music-loving, column writing, and of course, stuff-presenting. And while he can’t leap tall buildings, he can undoubtedly bridge the divide between city living and country culture. Today, Ben shares his thoughts on how country music is more than a genre and why billionaires are at fault for the world possibly ending. There’s a lot to unpack, so stay tuned and enjoy the episode!

Country Music Is More Than A Genre

At first, Ben Sorensen couldn’t give a definite answer when asked about the difference between American and Australian country music. He believes country music is a broad church, where its distinctions greatly vary in the music industry alone. For instance, in Australia, people split country music into more niche genres, such as traditional and country-pop, to give more awards. After all, people love awards, especially the shiny things that come with them, whether a trophy or a plaque. Then again, Ben also believes that country music is more of an open idea than a narrow genre amid the prevalent segregation. And as the genre develops and evolves, more people will try different things and push the boundaries. In the United States alone, country music has grown so much. We can only imagine what it would look like in the next ten years or so elsewhere. In the end, country music is more than just a genre but rather a culture rooted in the expression of rural life.

Save The Planet With Maximum Wage

On the topic of his Advocate Podcast with Eco Force Global, Ben first talked about how natural disasters are real, as proven by worldwide consensus. He even emphasized that whether people believe it or not, the world has been on a decline. And while part of the problem is what we all do to the planet, the ones with the most detrimental contributions are the insane billionaires and trillionaires. Some are nothing more than people who hoard more resources than they can handle. For example, most people believe that products and services would rise in price if we were to raise the minimum wage. In reality, the CEOs of these companies can easily keep the costs the way they are and still give their workers a livable wage. But because the rich are not held accountable, they continue to treat their workers poorly, which leads to lifestyles that are gradually destroying the planet. Not only that, these billionaires also allow the destruction of natural resources to amass wealth they don’t even need. Hence, Ben says it best with the idea that “we don’t need billionaires, we need livable and even maximum wage to save the planet.”

About Ben Sorensen:

Ben Sorensen is a voice artist, writer, producer, and presenter, best known for hosting one of Australia’s most popular syndicated radio shows on over 140 stations across five countries. There, he interviews some of the biggest names in the industry, including Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Bon Jovi, to name a few. Ben also hosts a country music podcast called Real Country, promoting and supporting the Australian Country music industry.

Ben has been entertaining and sharing his personality professionally for the last 14 years all over Australia as an emcee and host. He brings a cultured and flamboyant edge to the stage, festival, or product launch with his intelligent humor and energy. Ben has fronted for events including Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Aristocratic International Showcase – USA, Urban CMF, Synnex Alliance Roadshow. Not only that, he has represented brands such as Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Google, and PAX, along with many others.

Ben has worked stages from the bush to beach, regional towns to the capital cities across Australia, and everything in between. His broadcast credits include host roles on MTV, Nine Network, Southern Cross Ten, WIN Television, and more! Ben was also a past Channel 9 voice-over and warm-up guy. But most of all, Ben is a neurodiverse "Brain for hire."

Outline of the Episode:

  • [01:22 ] What Ben does in his spare time during the “spicy cough” (COVID).

  • [03:10 ] His 10-year crossword puzzle and how he uses crossword as a small-talk guide

  • [04:16 ] How the government and the “spicy cough” limited Ben from traveling

  • [06:16 ] The running joke that white people are being told what to do for the first time

  • [08:27 ] Australia’s strategy against COVID, from state-wide lockdowns to publicized contact tracing

  • [11:29 ] Ben’s country music podcast, Real Country, and how surprisingly popular it is

  • [14:02 ] How country music is not just a genre of music but also a culture in itself

  • [17:00 ] Why music genres should expand their horizon, given their similar origins

  • [19:40 ] The Cassowary bird and other Australian animals that could kill you

  • [23:26 ] Pets in Australia, from completely normal to absolutely exotic

  • [26:38 ] Ben on teaming up with Eco Force Global on the Advocate Podcast

  • [31:40 ] How natural disasters are real, whether you believe in them or not

  • [35:47 ] Why billionaires are to blame for the world going down a dark path

  • [39:37 ] Ben Sorensen on whether Australia is not real and who is paying the Australians

  • [43:41 ] How the United States is also not real and the concept of “Florida Man”

  • [46:22 ] Australia’s First Peoples and why Australia needs to listen to them

  • [49:10 ] The last time Ben played a prank on someone and how he does it to himself

  • [50:54 ] What piece of information that Ben learned that he felt should be illegal


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140. Ben Sorensen and the things that can kill you in Australia

140. Ben Sorensen and the things that can kill you in Australia

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