DiscoverI AM Goddess Collective Podcast141: Finding Personal Freedom with Julie Piatt
141: Finding Personal Freedom with Julie Piatt

141: Finding Personal Freedom with Julie Piatt

Update: 2020-01-14


Goddess of the Week: Julie Piatt

About our guest: 

Julie Piatt aka “SriMati” is a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author and healer who has lived her life immersed in devotion and expansive creativity. She is a wayshower of finding the divine in all life experiences. SriMati shares her wisdom from a multitude of life events that she has experienced as processes of alchemical transformation. In her experience, her life has shown her that It is the ability to hold the divine perspective in all life brings before you that allow for the deepest access to the meanings that life is waiting to reveal to us. Each life is created in the perfection of a unique blueprint that has inherent within it’s design all that is needed for it’s full expression. SriMati is a powerful living example of how to love ourselves more so that we can live our unique design in full and expansive self expression. When we live in this frequency, we bless all life around us.


What we chat about: 

  • The power and importance of food on your spiritual journey

  • Expanding your awareness around foods intelligence

  • Finding your own way to express yourself

  • Integrating and grounding your multidimensional self in this earthly lifetime

  • The transformation we are going through on earth right now, and what you can do to help.

  • Letting go of judgement and the expectation of perfection.

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141: Finding Personal Freedom with Julie Piatt

141: Finding Personal Freedom with Julie Piatt

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