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141 The One About Neglected Accounts

141 The One About Neglected Accounts

Update: 2020-06-05


It is the end of the 2nd quarter! Who knew what 2020 was going to bring? Nobody thought it was going to be a pandemic. As we all learn what the “new normal” is for our day to day routines that used to be so typical, we still have to deal with accounts that were not the best before the pandemic. They certainly didn’t get any better during the pandemic!    

Mark Lewis, Neglected Accounts ExpertMy good friend Mark Lewis, CWT is our guest today. Today, Mark is talking about neglected accounts. What is a neglected account? Well, it has a bunch of ways to define it. The bottom line is it is an account that is not at its best. And it is this way for a multitude of reasons. Mark and I are going to talk about those reasons and what we can do about them.  

Key Points  

9:30 – What is a neglected account?  

25:28 – Is there a solution to bridge the gap on neglected accounts?  

37:14 – What to do with a neglected account  

52:20 – Taking over a new account  

55:30 – What about neglect in reports?  

1:03:10 – Lightning Round Questions  

  Key Quotes  

“Our job is to go back and explain to the customer the condition that their equipment is in.”  

“We should be saving the customer enough money that our water treatment invoice is not even noticeable.”  

“You should always service the account the way that you feel it should be serviced.”  

“Even though we are called water treaters, we are actually treating the equipment.”  

“Our work-life balance needs to be: I enjoy what I do, and I am good at it.” 

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141 The One About Neglected Accounts

141 The One About Neglected Accounts