DiscoverAmigosPC141. Erica Deutschman, the "Little Less Delusional Erica" from Cross Rhodes
141. Erica Deutschman, the "Little Less Delusional Erica" from Cross Rhodes

141. Erica Deutschman, the "Little Less Delusional Erica" from Cross Rhodes

Update: 2021-08-27


Join Scott and Mark with their guest, Erica Deutschman. She is an actress and a writer. She has been in a few Hallmark Holiday films and most recently she wrote Cross Rhodes which is on the PopternativeTV on YouTube. Cross Rhodes was co-written by Erica Deutschman and it follows the life of a delusional actress named Erica Rhodes. She thinks she’s a lot more famous and successful than she actually is. More than the story of Cross Rhodes and the future plans for the show, get ready to have an exciting time with Erica as she talks about Comedy, Hollywood and Hallmark movies and all things fun. Stay tuned, and enjoy the episode!

The Young Erica Deutschman into Acting

Erica Deutschman got into acting. She shared that her grandmother was an actress, and they did little plays in her house in Kingston. They used to play with wigs, costumes and mess around with it. She then remembered her sister and I loving what the girls in Mary Kay were doing and how she started thinking that this is what she wanted to do. The three of them then talked about their childhood photos, which are mostly embarrassing as they don’t have a choice as a kid, and how those were kept in old shoeboxes. It’s funny to reminisce about these times as they talked about how Erica started her wanting to become an actress.

Comedy is Number One

Erica shares her take on what she is passionate about. She has acted in a few Hallmark Holiday films and did a few sketches like Cross Rhodes. If she is to choose between the two though, she would definitely have comedy as number one. She likes making people laugh, and even jokingly shared that she will die if someone appreciates and claps on her jokes, which is the main reason why she does not do stand-up comedy. She also loves to add in a strong comedic voice to the Hallmark movies. Because, who does not love a good pun, a little wordplay, and a little snappiness?

Cross Rhodes Future Plans

Shooting at the time of pandemic was tough, with all the protocols in place, such as a 14-day quarantine for everyone. Cross Rhodes’ first episode premiered on June 5th of this year and she mentioned that they already shot the second episode. They have plans on doing seasons of it with six episodes each. Now that things are being lifted and they have more flexibility with doing it, we certainly are looking forward to more of the delusional Erica Rhodes.

About Erica Deutschman:

Erica Deutschman is originally from Montreal. She is an actress and writer, known for Cross Rhodes (2021), Typical Love Story (2020), and Lost Girl (2010). She also starred in films like, A Christmas Crush and A Cheerful Christmas. She enjoys tennis, and long walks on the beach.

Outline of the Episode:

[01:56 ] Erica Deutschman talks about Cross Rhodes and introduces herself as the “little less delusional Erica.”

[04:27 ] How did the young Erica get into acting?

[05:36 ] Scott, Mark and Erica reminisce on the old shoe box photos they had.

[09: 55] Erika talks about her experience co-writing the show Cross Rhodes.

[11:41 ] Mark brought up a show that Erica didn’t realize was public, which was material for a pitch package for “Just for Laughs Festival.”

[14:28 ] “Hallmark Christmassy” Rom-Com stuff versus Comedy, what is Erica more passionate about?

[18:55 ] Erica shares some pointers for fresh and upcoming young people in the industry.

[21:30 ] Where is the hotspot of film and comedy in Canada?

[23:23 ] What are her thoughts of LA when she lived for two months?

[26:57 ] Talking about Wi-Fi as Mark reconnects to the show

[30:30 ] The gym, the place where Erica has seen the most Hollywood people from.

[34:06 ] No namedrop, Erica shares the heartthrob that she describes as her ‘sexual awakening’ at 12.

[39:04 ] Erica talks more about Cross Rhodes and future plans for despite the COVID situation and now that they will have more flexibility as protocols are lifting.

[47:58 ] Flat Earth Theory

[55:04 ] Parades where people gather are supposed to be fun, until a zombie apocalypse

[01:03:09 ] Where can you find Erica and Cross Rhodes?


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141. Erica Deutschman, the "Little Less Delusional Erica" from Cross Rhodes

141. Erica Deutschman, the "Little Less Delusional Erica" from Cross Rhodes

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