DiscoverThe Cycling Podcast144: No Brakes | Red Hook Milano
144: No Brakes | Red Hook Milano

144: No Brakes | Red Hook Milano

Update: 2018-10-26


The first episode of The Cycling Podcast: No Brakes features the recent Milan Red Hook criterium, one of the new events that has gained a big following and a place on cycling's 'alternative calendar.'

Calvert Churchill and Keira McVitty report from Milan, speaking to some of the organisers and riders, including Red Hook founder David Trimble and Angus Morton, the Australian who has ridden as a professional on the road for a number of years. Morton says that events like Red Hook, a fixed-wheel criterium that combines the spirits and bike handling skills of the cycling courier work, the craft of track racing and the speed of city-centre criteriums, are "the future of cycling" and that the UCI and pro teams should be taking note.

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144: No Brakes | Red Hook Milano

144: No Brakes | Red Hook Milano

Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore