DiscoverRadio Advisory144: What's on our radar for 2023
144: What's on our radar for 2023

144: What's on our radar for 2023

Update: 2022-12-131


Every day it seems like there is a new challenge in the healthcare industry that requires immediate attention, making agenda and goal setting for the new year an even more difficult task. To help you decipher the signal from the noise host Rachel (Rae) Woods hands the microphone over to Advisory Board experts who will share the big questions on their radar in 2023 and the hypotheses that they plan to test.

Topics include:

  • (1:43 ) Shaping the new era of value-based care

  • (5:50 ) Addressing the behavioral health crisis

  • (8:54 ) Balancing care innovation and accessibility

  • (13:38 ) Investing in the technology-enabled workforce

  • (16:48 ) Competing on women's health

  • (20:04 ) Forecasting the impact of industry diversification

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    PS: This is the final episode of 2022. A BIG thank you to all our guests who came on Radio Advisory this year to share their knowledge and insights and to the team behind the scenes who make this all happen. We made this special video to show our appreciation. New episodes will drop on January 10th, until then, have a happy and healthy new year.

    As we emerge from the global pandemic, healthcare is restructuring. What decisions should you be making, and what do you need to know to make them? Explore the state of the healthcare industry and its outlook for next year by visiting

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    144: What's on our radar for 2023

    144: What's on our radar for 2023

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