DiscoverMaking Sense with Sam Harris#145 — The Information War
#145 — The Information War

#145 — The Information War

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In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Renee Diresta about Russia's "Internet Research Agency" and its efforts to amplify conspiracy thinking and partisan conflict in the United States.

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Comments (25)

K Duck

Hmm. Mr "I don't believe in conspiracies" sure bought into this one pretty quick.

Mar 10th

jon Wooten

and he didnt bring on alex jones... smh

Jan 27th


holy shit all of you should just live your lives loving everyone and quit sounding like you know everything, because nobody does

Jan 26th

Andrew Owsley

antivaxxers = terrorists confirmed

Jan 11th
Reply (2)

Stephen Tattum

Globalist corporatism coming back to bite America in the ass, hahaha

Jan 9th

Abel Rojas

I understand the importance of pointing out that Russia targeted and successfully influenced both sides. However, the amount of times black lives matter was mentioned compared to the average trump supporter was unbalanced since black lives matter had no role in getting Trump elected. The conspiracy theories that have taken full control over the right to the point where it has appeared on Fox news is a real concern that also seems to have been over looked. The podcast was great, however, it felt like they put on kid gloves when talking about how successful the Russian where with trump and his base.

Jan 8th
Reply (1)

Kyle Brainard

Great episode. To me the weakest part of the arguement can be summed up in the following question. How can we can estimate the likely impact these foreign accounts are having in the real world? Are these accounts steering the collective boat enough to have real world impacts on an election? With an election as close as ours it appears hard not to sympathize with the fears of people like Sam Harris. The debate of if this is happening appears to be over. I am curious what actions could be taken to mitigate this in the future. I fear the medicative fix could have negative societal implications. I am not pro excesive government oversight into social media companies. and I fear the subtle manipulation of our society through these politically motivated groups coordinating efforts in emerging technologies. I am not sure which is the lesser evil. One important point to consider is what

Jan 7th

Kevin C

really good episode!

Jan 6th

Brian J Burke

Flying FCUK Sam. Everyone is not an American. Stop virtue signaling about Trump. I considered your Waking Up meditation app but obviously it is useless as you seem to have no ability to use its principles and let go. And no I don't like Trump but grow the fcuk up!

Jan 4th
Reply (4)


10:14 to skip all the non add add's

Jan 3rd

Aaron Perry

one platform to rule them all

Jan 3rd

John Wick

I wonder if the solution to counter bots and the pure vitriol of internet comments is to have people register with an authority for a user name. Everyone gets one official user name, like an ID, that contains certain personal information such as name and location. That way you're still free to say what you want, but like in the real world there are repercussions and responsibility for what you say.

Jan 3rd
Reply (2)

Johan Vivier

Oh, people are going to be upset about this one.

Jan 2nd
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#145 — The Information War

#145 — The Information War