DiscoverPreeminence145 - Stop Giving Away Your Magic!
145 - Stop Giving Away Your Magic!

145 - Stop Giving Away Your Magic!

Update: 2019-09-02


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So many people I have met and even many I have coached have had challenges charging 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000 for their services.

As a matter of fact, many of them are giving their magic away for $47, $197 or actually giving it away for free.

That was me.

I thought - I love doing this and I get paid in the connection and the satisfaction from seeing people transform, get relief and move on and move up in their life.

These weren’t just close friends, these were people whom I had never met, they just messaged me on facebook or were introduced to me by a mutual friend.

They asked me for help and I would take the next hour or more helping them over the phone or making screen capture - walkthrough videos to show them how to work a piece of software or other technical things I would make a video for them. And, I wouldn’t charge anything for it.

I sold my programs for $47 - $97. I made $24,000 with my online work back in 2011 - barely surviving. I had to work side jobs to make it work

And guess how many people completed my programs? Hardly any. Why?

They were not invested in themselves.

You see, most of what we are given in life for free, we don’t value.

They don’t value it because we don’t put a value on it.

We give away our gift, our magic.

But, what if a stranger came up to you and asked you to pack up and move their four-bedroom house for the next few hours, or clean out a cow barn in 100-degree heat or to peel 300 potatoes - would you do that for free?

Why not?

Aren’t you helping people? Aren’t you using the gift of your strength, maybe your care or organization? Why would you now demand to be paid for THAT kind of work?

It wasn’t until my coach had me consider that when I am giving my time away, I’m actually stealing from my family. I was away from them, doing work, but then valuing the time of a stranger for free over the time I could be with my family…


So, giving away time now equaled, “stealing from my family” - this was a game-changer for me

I want you to do something for me.

Start charging more for the things you enjoy the most. Do this because you will give the most of you when you are in fulfillment, when you are on-mission​, when you are in a space of joy of service.

And when you begin valuing your time, others will too. Those who want your genius for free are taking advantage of your unwillingness to charge.

If you are ready to move to the next level and work yourself out of another job, like producing your podcast, shooting and editing your videos, creating your landing pages, or publishing your book, reach out to me and save yourself days of your life so you can get back to focusing on your area of mastery.

If you have questions you would like to have answered, email me at and share your question, I may mention it in an upcoming episode.

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145 - Stop Giving Away Your Magic!

145 - Stop Giving Away Your Magic!

Matthew J Peters