#145 Louder

#145 Louder

Update: 2019-07-1156


Carlos Maza started posting videos on YouTube, and ran afoul of a guy who reminded him of his high school bullies. He asked YouTube to intervene, and then things got extremely complicated.

Further Reading:

Carlos Maza's video series Strikethrough

Mark Bergen on how toxic videos became more common on YouTube

Megan Farokhmanesh's article about Google's LGBTQ employees and their reaction to the company's policy decisions

Kevin Roose's "The Making of a YouTube Radical"

Comments (43)

Alexandra P

It's interesting that, on every podcast I listen to, whenever a conservative or alt-right personality is portrayed as anything but an outstanding citizen of light and virtue, there's a rash of comments from people who've never commented before saying, "I'm a loyal listener but this is biased trash how dare you!!!" Or, "why are you being political???? I'm a loyal listener who hates politics and I'm upset!!!" It's almost like they're so tiny and fragile that they spend all of their free time scouring the internet for quasi-negative mentions of their faves, and then recruit people to bomb the comments section in some sad attempt to defend the personality's honor. Imagine being so mindless, so lacking in actual meaningful interests that you'd go into a discord channel and take "marching orders" to brigade podcast comment sections.

Jul 13th
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Siddhesh Hirlekar

Even though I like the balanced reporting on the Louder episode, i think it lacked to cover what Steven had to say same way at the end like Carlos maza got a chance. it only made a case for Carlos.

Jul 12th
Reply (2)

Em Gracias Cruz

I look forward to your show every week. This was just a cringey woke-fest. Such a shame, please don't get woke and ruin the show.

Jul 12th
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Thomas Franklin

we have right to be as "hateful" as we want. go ahead and try suppression or prohibition of thoughts\words HA see what it gets you

Jul 12th
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Did you seriously just say that the alt right loves Steven Crowder?? Jfc how out of touch can you possibly be? Couldn't even listen to the rest of the episode

Jul 11th

John Lam

This was so one sided. I listened to Andy Ngo on JRE and he's a GAY Vietnamese center right journalist that got pelted with milkshakes , mace, and attacked by antifa to the point where he got brain hemorrhages. Carlos Maza downplayed and defended antifas actions and Crowder responded. I tune into reply all to listen to internet phenomenons and cool internet related stories. Not biased political bullshit. A majority of this episode was just an antifa sympathizer crying about why youtube won't ban Crowder and a brief lesson on youtube algorithim.

Jul 11th
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it's harassment and bullying, not hate speech. Good episode, though listening to any political view makes me sick. Everyone is stupid and comedy is dead

Jul 11th

Inna S

Great episode. YT's moderation is inconsistent and terrible.

Jul 11th

Holden Galusha

I'm conservative, but I agree that Crowder is not a good man. He's a shining example of what a person should NOT be.

Jul 11th
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#145 Louder

#145 Louder