DiscoverMaking Sense with Sam Harris#146 — Digital Capitalism
#146 — Digital Capitalism

#146 — Digital Capitalism

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In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Rushkoff about the state of the digital economy.

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Colbert Williams

In regards to the road rage segment .... I believe road rage or at least the rage part stems from having to absorb alllll facets of people in society. you have to endure people and their life through sharing the road. Examples being people texting, talking on their phone, the elderly, the youth who are still learning to drive..... Those people in my opinion are focused on themselves versus paying attention to the road causes another person to miss the light, be late to work, or even being in an accident. Other than sharing the road, there isn't really another space where a person has to endure an environment with such a diverse and large group of people. In other situations a person can avoid spaces that enable their rage to thrive .

Jun 26th

Kevin Dyer

The internet has generally degraded the value of expertise, not merely that of journalists. The spread of information has made many think they comprehend all of that information; you can see this in threads where medical or legal advice is sought from the internet, rather than a professional. This is compounded by anonymity and the low barrier to sharing one's opinion online. Platforms could do a lot more to promote thoughtful discussion, but only those interested in such discussion will stay. The solution, I think, can't be limited to the platforms. The people must change as well.

Feb 12th

JJ Todilinus

Basic problem here is one of honesty. It's not about capitalism or anything else - it's about permitting false ideas to exist. Consider the idea that women are in every way the same as men. I mean that is an insane idea. People want to live in fantasies that make them feel good and it's all emotions. Parents don't want children to be hurt so they lie. "You can be anything you want." No you can't!!! what an idiotic thing to say. Someone with a disability cannot become an astronaut. Instead of making peace with life and reality, delusional people find others who suffer from same delusions, team up and pass laws that forces everyone else to pretend to believe what they know is false. that is every religion, that is feminism, that is every movement that is based on emotions rather than reason. the idea that I have to lie out loud, publicly lie about seeing what I know is a man pretending to be a woman and I have to call him a woman.. or lose my job! and for what? hurt feelings. journalism is paying the well deserved price of being PC authoritarian hacks and espousing falsehoods and lies to virtue signal how much they care about others. bullshit. even this guy's book is designed to make money - he wouldn't publish it otherwise.

Feb 11th
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JJ Todilinus

This was funny! The part where he talks about journalists getting paid to ignore neoliberalism - while appearing on Sam Harris' podcast - the voice of neoliberalism.

Feb 11th


What the 🦆 is this guy talking about?

Jan 23rd

Heinrich Schmid-Schmidsfelden

what about Inflation as a reason why companies need to grow?

Jan 22nd
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Alex Mercedes

hugely important ideas. thank you. I am listening for more conversation about what wealth inequality has to do with all this. I am grateful for this podcast AND I am living on less than $8000 a year fixed income. I am afraid of how much further out of the culture I/we will fall as free stuff has a price tag attached.

Jan 21st

Sebastian Lokin

Netflix does make 10% of their revenue with product placements. so they also make money in a very similar way Facebook does.

Jan 20th
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#146 — Digital Capitalism

#146 — Digital Capitalism