DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala Taha#148: The Motivation Myth with Jeff Haden
#148: The Motivation Myth with Jeff Haden

#148: The Motivation Myth with Jeff Haden

Update: 2022-01-033


Have you been searching for motivation in your life but don’t know where to look? 

This week on YAP, we’re talking with Jeff Haden, speaker, ghostwriter, and author of The Motivation Myth. He is also a frequent, and the most popular, contributor to Inc. magazine. He is a contributing editor for Inc. Magazine and a major LinkedIn Influencer, having amassed over 1 million followers. 

Jeff is also the ghostwriter of over sixty non-fiction books, including seven Amazon category #1s. Along with thousands of columns, articles, presentations, speeches, eulogies. Jeff is a keynote speaker and the founder of Blackbird Media.

In this episode, we talk about Jeff’s career journey from working in printer manufacturing plants to becoming a highly sought after ghostwriter for some of the most recognizable CEOs and business leaders. We’ll hear his tips on how to improve our skill sets, how having the correct partner in your life can impact your professional life, and where motivation comes from. Finally we discuss what to cut out of our lives in order to stay focused and motivated on our goals, including why he recommends we fire a friend. 

If you’ve been looking to find motivation in your life and your side hustles, this episode is for you!

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00:06 - 0:28 Intro

00:29 Career Journey/Path to Becoming a Writer

14:43 Putting In Hard Work For Success

19:24 Importance of Having A Good Support System

24:30 Side Hustling/Moonlighting

26:38 Improving Your Skill Set/Finding Motivation

31:41 Setting Goals/Celebrating Small Wins

35:10 Motivation Myth/ The Book

38:31 Where Motivation Comes From

43:01 Skill Expanding

45:19 How to Stay Focused to Achieve Goals

53:29 Cut A Personal Commitment

55:13 Cut an Expense

56:53 Fire a Friend

59:37 Right & Wrong Way to Talk to Ourselves

1:03:35 Secret to Profiting in Life

1:07:11 Outro

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#148: The Motivation Myth with Jeff Haden

#148: The Motivation Myth with Jeff Haden

Hala Taha