DiscoverAmigosPC148. inspirational mindset with yaboybakes
148. inspirational mindset with yaboybakes

148. inspirational mindset with yaboybakes

Update: 2021-11-26


Join Scott and Mark with their guest Bakes, Bakes is a hip-hop artist coming out of San Diego, CA. Rapper Bakes secured the attention of the San Diego music scene in 2016, after recognition from the fan-favorite and debut single "On My Mind" took over the airwaves of Z90.3 FM radio contest. Bakes elevated this buzz with various artist collaborations, including

DJ Schoeney "Switch" opens the door to San Diego nightlife. This lead to performances in nightclubs, festivals, and opening performances for billboard top-charting artists. His humble beginnings writing and recording out of his college apartment in 2008 have led into his 2020 releases, 3 song EP Hologram showing his more mature and nuanced expression of his story.

Followed by the premiere of the visual component for his debut single “Divine Timing” from

EP Trust Yourself.

From the Ground (Album):Laid back and intimate, can describe the newly released hip hop recording album “From The Ground Up” by artist Bakes produced by Isiah Salazar. Bakes emphasizes this album is his most self-defining music he has ever released. Debut single “1AM Somewhere” delves into the descriptive glimpse of the beginning of Bakes’ musical journey. Much like the debut single, each track creates a unique sound and radiant belief in self. Bakes aims to inspire a positive outlook on life dreams through his transparent storytelling of his career as an independent Hip Hop artist.

About Bakes:Bakes is a hip-hop artist coming out of San Diego, CA. Originally from the Bay Area, Bakes moved down to San Diego for college where he began pursuing music seriously, honing in on his craft and working to perfect his skills and make his way into the industry. Bakes has solidified his position as a respected lyricist, performer, and song maker, and continues to gain notoriety as one of the top artists coming out of San Diego.

Outline of the Episode:

  • ● [02:03 ] The Brief Introduction about Bakes.

  • ● [03:08 ] What brought you to music.

  • ● [05:50 ] How the atmosphere of Bay Area and San Diego effect the music you create?

  • ● [09:56 ] Conspiracy Theory

  • ● [08:20 ] Who is the Influencer/Driver in your musical journey?

  • ● [14:58 ] What are the hurdles that you overcome to keep going?

  • ● [19:30 ] Do you think, you have that mentality of positive direction going forward?

  • ● [24:19 ] Spiritual Concept

  • ● [25:30 ] What is manifestation of performing in front of thousands of people?

  • ● [27:29 ] Any Conspiracy theory that is legit for Bakes?

  • ● [30:21 ] Do you take one way trip to mars?

  • ● [33:00 ] What is your guilty pleasure?

  • ● [38:29 ] What is your dream tour guest to have?  

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148. inspirational mindset with yaboybakes

148. inspirational mindset with yaboybakes

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