DiscoverAmigosPC149. Tina-Marie Springham. Broken | Blue hour
149.  Tina-Marie Springham. Broken | Blue hour

149. Tina-Marie Springham. Broken | Blue hour

Update: 2021-12-07


Tina-Marie Springham is a Canadian-born actor & voice-over artist currently based in Vancouver. She spent ten years living/working as a songwriter/singer/recording artist in Los Angeles, penning lyrics for songs that went on to become Top20 & Top10 Adult Contemporary singles, with several of them being placed in TV shows (currently in syndication around the world).

Working between L.A & Vancouver, Tina-Marie has established herself as a force to bereckoned with in the North American indie film industry. As well as working consistently in film and TV, Tina-Marie can be heard in many voice-over roles in the narration, animation, corporate/commercial world, as well on Some of her work includes Voluspa (USA), VirtaMed (EU), Theravue (USA), BC Knowledge Network, Ocean of Good (CDN) The Return (USA) and many more.

Tina-Marie was also a force in the highly competitive world of fitness and personal training industry. Competing in several different federations between 2011 and 2016 in the Figure & Fitness category. She quickly advanced from novice to National Level, by winning 12 first and second place trophies and one Overall Title during her competition career.

Returning now to her first love of acting and focusing solely now on her career. When in between filming she studies her craft and writes.

Audiences can see Tina-Marie in upcoming feature films ‘Broken’ (USA), ’Blue Hour’ (CDN), and 'Prof' (CDN), with 4 other projects currently in post and set for release in 2021. You can also see her in the award winning short films ‘A Calling’, ‘Amphora’ and ‘Header’, to name a few. Others to watch for coming out later in 2021 are ’Sterling Road’ (CDN), ‘Through Darkness, I See You’ (CDN), & ‘Complete Reality’ (CDN). Tina-Marie has booked projects well into 2021 and there seems to be no slowing her down anytime soon in spite of a pandemic.

Tina-Marie has sights set on the other side of the camera as well to facilitate her innate desire to tell stories. She is in the infancy stages of writing and developing projects where she will boldly step into writing and directing.

Outline of the Episode:

  • ● [02:09 ] The Brief Introduction about Tina Marie Springham.

  • ● [02:52 ] When did do you decide to peruse an acting career?

  • ● [05:13 ] How you betrayed your character?

  • ● [07:09 ] Actor, Writer and Director relationship.

  • ● [09:37 ] How much you relate to the character?

  • ● [11:22 ] What is the dream role you looking for?

  • ● [14:24 ] How you tackle the auditions?

  • ● [19:04 ] Do you watch your acting afterwards?

  • ● [21:27 ] Where was you evolution of selecting a career?

  • ● [26:40 ] Was there any red flags during the auditions?

  • ● [34:59 ] Have you got too many auditions in a single day?

  • ● [38:15 ] What is the longest time you took a character back with you?

  • ● [40:28 ] What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

  • ● [42:23 ] What life hack you knows that everyone does it wrong?

  • ● [45:00 ] What is your guilty pleasure?

  • ● [46:56 ] What is your least favorite 80,s movie that everybody likes? 

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149.  Tina-Marie Springham. Broken | Blue hour

149. Tina-Marie Springham. Broken | Blue hour

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