DiscoverThe Anointed Podcast — J M Ministries, Inc.15 min. Testament of Jesus - Episode 11
15 min. Testament of Jesus - Episode 11

15 min. Testament of Jesus - Episode 11

Update: 2020-04-30


We thank you for listening and subscribing to The Anointed Podcast. This is episode 11 we're talking openly on how incredible this blessing is, its like a 15 minute introduction for our message. For those of you who are new to this channel we (God and I) talk on politics, religion, science, spirituality and the afterlife, as well as other extraordinary things like God in heaven and the spiritual realms far beyond human understanding.

I've gone through quite a few things to bring this message to life, shared openly already on different episodes about that were also talking about things people struggle to understand like why we need to live a certain way, plus other challenging topics like true religion and political point of views, things that are extremely difficult for some to even consider talking about.

I'd like to invite you personally to listen and subscribe and follow after us and if you take these lessons to heart and really try to apply these insights to your walk they can make life even greater experience for you.

If you not heard yet go listen, check out the podcasts we have available right now, we'll also be releasing podcasts weekly, the next two are going deep on things I've endured, as well as the lessons that came through as I faced persecution + the extraordinary blessing God is allowing for right now as we reveal this message to the world.

If you've not heard yet we just changed history, we're doing things that have never been done before, following after Jesus, living in love, and blessing everyone in the process.

Visit my website to be, also visit us on patron and help support our message.Thanks for listening and subscribing,

Stay tuned for more great content.
God bless you

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15 min. Testament of Jesus - Episode 11

15 min. Testament of Jesus - Episode 11

James Martinez