DiscoverSave The Parents Podcast15. Painting the Parenting Future
15. Painting the Parenting Future

15. Painting the Parenting Future

Update: 2018-09-03


While integrating our listeners' feedback, we've decided to put a bit of a twist on our kitchen table podcast. Why? Because the world is filled with so much noise... and we don't want to be part of it. We want to take less of your time, and pack it with more meaningful information on stuff that has the highest relevancy to your role as a parent. Sound intense? Kinda feels like it.

Here's the crux of it. Our global society, economy, technological rate of change and political uncertainty leaves us as parents scratching our heads. What worked for our generation (ex. watching TV) no longer really applies to kids... but when you start trying to figure out where to focus their own skill development (or even how to better manage yourself and your family throughout dynamic times), we quickly get lost. How can we teach kids about AI, polarizing political forces, societal shifts, technological rates of change, changing job & education structures, etc when we don't really know what to say or recommend? It's damn near impossible.

Not to mention, we as parents have our own biases clouding our judgement. SHOCKING INDEED! From our own preconceived notions, cognitive dissonance, perspective and interpretation of the world around us... seeing things from multiple angles takes extra attention. Although we can't guarantee you'll like all angles of every topic discussion, we'll share it anyways.

Afterall... That's why we're here. From here on out, we're going to start unpacking some of these big, meaningful topics and help you both get a better understanding for their significance and implications... and better communicate this to your kids. We'll bring in experts whenever possible, and do our research when not. Ultimately though - we're hoping to unearth this future of parenting by figuring out what exactly we need to be concerned with in this next 5/10/20 year perspective as we try to launch our kids forward into society.

As always, our goal is to spend our time sharing stuff that matters, to you. We would love feedback on these changes and welcome it either here, or via email at We look forward to this next chapter, and of course, couldn't do this without your tireless support!

The Save the Parents podcast (thanks to the support of our patrons) iis a podcast by & for parents like us who appreciate candor, humor and stuff that isn't just noise. Hosted over our kitchen table, Adam & Jenny Thuen share their views, beliefs and comments to help you and other parents rise to the challenge of raising responsible kids amid today's societal challenges. Questions or comments? We would love to hear them. Check out our Patreon page at to share. Thanks for listening!








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15. Painting the Parenting Future

15. Painting the Parenting Future

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