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150 Richard Carthon Crypto Current

150 Richard Carthon Crypto Current

Update: 2021-12-17


Richard Carthon is the CEO of the Crypto Current. Crypto Current was founded to give access to information to everyone on current events occurring in cryptocurrency and block chain in a digestible way. Since its creation, Crypto Current has created content that impacted thousands of people through its podcast, blog, and social media. Crypto Current hosted social meet-ups that have provided the opportunity for people to learn and connect with other locals in their community.

Richard Carthon is also the host of the cryptocurrency podcast, where they bridge the gap between people who know nothing about cryptocurrency and block chain thought leaders in the space. Their goal is to give audience the access and all the information that is need so they can start acting on crypto today.Richard Carthon have been a Serial entrepreneur. His entire career has a little bit of background in wealth management. He worked at Merrill Lynch for a little while in the wealth management side, ended up leaving that to do his own startup, was in a race of money. He was in this crucial position where he decided to give his company a little bit more breathing room. He goes with another nine to five just so he can support it. And he was working at this part official intelligence company. His boss told him to check about the block chains, so he did and it absolutely down the rabbit hole that changed most of his life and he've been in it ever since and happy to die without a little bit more.

Outline of the Episode:

  • ● [02:20 ] The Brief Introduction about Richard Carthon

  • ● [04:14 ] What make sense about block chain stuck out to Richard Carthon?

  • ● [06:29 ] Why haven’t banks adopt the crypto currency yet?

  • ● [07:23 ] What’s the game plan of Richard Carthon in tackling the crypto?

  • ● [10:08 ] Richard point of view about the portfolio management company, that is doingwhat we would normally do on the stock exchange?

  • ● [12:23 ] Decentralized Finance.

  • ● [16:06 ] Why Richard Carthon is passionate about crypto?

  • ● [17:57 ] What Richard will say to someone who scare to do crypto?

  • ● [19:44 ] Which is best venue to start?

  • ● [24:11 ] Proof of work vs Proof of Stake?

  • ● [25:16 ] Ethereum

  • ● [28:40 ] How many people have the means to spend a hundred dollars for a transaction?

  • ● [29:55 ] What do you think when June 22 comes around? If you're going to flip a coin atleast, does it happen or does it happen?

  • ● [30:48 ] Do He have a plan B to switch to another coin?

  • ● [32:22 ] Doge coin?

  • ● [34:26 ] What is the guilty pleasure does Richard Carthon have?

  • ● [36:04 ] What is one piece of information that you know that seems to be illegal to know?

  • ● [37:17 ] Is he accept the offer of going to Mars? 

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150 Richard Carthon Crypto Current

150 Richard Carthon Crypto Current

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