DiscoverAmigosPC151. Laura Buckles Broken Isolation inn
151. Laura Buckles Broken Isolation inn

151. Laura Buckles Broken Isolation inn

Update: 2022-01-06


Laura Buckles is an American actress and producer-writer. Originally from Denver Colorado, she has been in the film industry with titles such as “The Bold and The Beautiful”, “Mad Men”, and “Isolation In”. She also hosts a podcast called "Says Who?" where she interviews real working actors about their lives and careers and what it's like to be a working actor in the entertainment industry.

She is currently living in the Los Angeles area. She is a writer-producer and actor. She will do almost anything in the Indigent in the entertainment industry. She is also an improv actor in a company here in Los Angeles. They've been going strong for winning seasons. She grew up partially in Denver, some time in Pakistan but mostly in England. Living overseas while growing up instilled in her a love of travel and an appreciation for culture and art, as well as the ability to overpack for any occasion. She has studied at Second City, Sears and Switzer, HB Studios, and Neighborhood Playhouse.

She started acting at 2 months old when she embraced non-traditional casting by accepting the role of baby Jesus in her family's live nativity scene (...fine, she slept through most of it). Her three-year run was cut short when at the age of 2, baby Jesus left the manager in search of chocolate chip cookies and excitement. She also has a set trained Jack Russell named Milo. When neither of us is on set, they're looking for sunny spots to lie in, adventures to go on, and a (you guessed it) good cookie or two.

Outline of the Episode:

  • ● [02:35 ] The Brief Introduction about Laura Buckles.

  • ● [05:11 ] How do Laura Buckles manage in different cultures?

  • ● [08:23 ] How do different cultures get Laura into the acting?

  • ● [10:43 ] Is Laura go Pakistan to prepare for the role?

  • ● [11:46 ] What was it like playing the role that Laura had in the movie?

  • ● [14:40 ] How you show kind of what's going on in somebody's head in the movie?

  • ● [16:23 ] Would Laura ever want to be a cop in real life?

  • ● [21:11 ] Dinner scene of a Couple in the Movie seem off, What Laura tells about it?

  • ● [23:44 ] Behind the scene of the Movies?

  • ● [27:15 ] How the appearance of the Laura character is decided?

  • ● [35:00 ] What type of writer is Laura..?

  • ● [38:32 ] What made Laura want to start the podcast

  • ● [30:48 ] Does Laura show have something specific that it does every episode?

  • ● [46:00 ] Has Laura had someone cry on her show yet? And if so, how did she handle it?

  • ● [47:26 ] Can Laura impersonate anyone famously?

  • ● [49:46 ] Does Laura have a bad Uber Experience?

  • ● [53:41 ] What Conspiracy Theory does Laura believe in?Catch Laura BucklesWebsite: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook:

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151. Laura Buckles Broken Isolation inn

151. Laura Buckles Broken Isolation inn

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