DiscoverYoung and Profiting with Hala Taha#152: Dominate Your Industry with Jay Abraham
#152: Dominate Your Industry with Jay Abraham

#152: Dominate Your Industry with Jay Abraham

Update: 2022-01-244


Crush the competition by learning the strategy of preeminence! 

This week on YAP, we’re chatting with marketing mastermind, CEO, speaker and best-selling author, Jay Abraham.

Jay Abraham is the founder and CEO of The Abraham Group and is a world renowned marketing strategist, business innovator and entrepreneurial advisor. He has mentored some of the biggest business titans in the world such as Tony Robbins, Daymond John and Stephen Covey - earning him the nickname “Mentor of Mentors”. Jay has spent the last 30+ years solving problems for over 10,000 clients from the likes of Microsoft, IBM and FedEx. He has been featured in USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post and more.  

Since he was just 20 years old, Jay has been helping company’s solve problems and increase their bottom lines, working across hundreds of industries throughout his career. You can absorb many of his life’s learnings from his famous book Getting Everything You Can out of All You’ve Got. 

In today’s episode, we’ll go deep on Jay’s signature strategy of preeminence, and why you need to fall in love with your customers, as opposed to your products and services. We’ll get an understanding of how we can borrow marketing and business strategies from one industry and implement them in another to get an edge over our competition. And, we’ll get Jay’s key strategies for marketing including his parthenon marketing methodology and leveraging a host-beneficiary Relationship.

If you want to learn business and marketing secrets from one of the highest paid consultants in the world - keep on listening!

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(9:10 ) - Intro

(9:45 ) - Jay’s Entrepreneurial Origins

(13:55 ) - Importance of Experience

(17:45 ) - Moving from Industry to Industry

(22:30 ) - Bringing Strategies from Industry to Industry

(28:44 ) - Host Beneficiary Relationship

(38:15 ) - Who to Partner With In A Beneficiary Relationship?

(41:48 ) - Strategy of Preeminence

(49:50 ) - Clients vs Customers

(51:45 ) - Your Clients Should Be Your Friends

(55:00 ) - Pre-Eminence Defined

(59:55 ) - Increasing Your Clients

(1:06:56 ) - 3 Ways To Increase Revenue and Profit

(1:10:50 ) - Providing Incentives for Clients

(1:15:00 ) - Importance of Integrity

(1:16:50 ) - Jay’s Secret to Profiting in Life

(1:20:05 ) - Where to Learn More About Jay

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#152: Dominate Your Industry with Jay Abraham

#152: Dominate Your Industry with Jay Abraham

Hala Taha