DiscoverThe Rachel Hollis Podcast152: Seven Things That Are Helping Me Through This Dark Season
152: Seven Things That Are Helping Me Through This Dark Season

152: Seven Things That Are Helping Me Through This Dark Season

Update: 2020-07-0716


I know I can't be the only one out there going through a hard season. That's why I decided for this episode of the RISE podcast, we'd talk through some of the strategies I'm utilizing to make it through the day, because I gotta be honest, that's my focus right now. I hope some of the things we talk about here may resonate with you and add to your toolkit for the season you're in and beyond.


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Comments (4)

Ivona Pedneault

I listen all the time Reachel and listing to you today as I am outting homemade cookies in the oven cause my hisbamd is not feelimg well ,I can hear in your voice how much you are in pain but you are doing best you can to be here and you are HERE . I am so happy for you that you created boundries and you are so strong to flow them that was great to hear. I am glad you are dancing to your own music what is good at that time. I admire you and it was always a pleasure to hear you lough make jokes but this time for you is to be what you feeling and we are Here to.listen to your podcasts still. We are like your friend here for You in good and bad that way you know you have a real one. We are here listen to listen to You. Thank you for showimg up HERE the bedt way you xan whwn you can. We are greatdul for You!!! sending you my best!! on gray and aunny days. 🙏

Jul 8th

Emmy ja

I've listened to Rachel for a while. I benefited from some ideas, but I also found her to sometimes be dismissive and out of touch with reality. I was really annoyed when they announced their divorce. I was sad for them. HOWEVER, I will say, I like this Rachel who seems a lot more understanding and a lot less pretentious and preachy. She's so human and humble, down to earth Very relatable! I wish that none of what she's going through had to happen, but I truly believe that she will come out of it a better person and will grow.

Jul 8th

Rachel Yarzabal

i needed this today. Thankyou. xo

Jul 8th

Wanda Flores

God bless you Rachel!!🌼🧡🌼 Don't promise nothing you don't have too, just do your best every day. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️You have inside you what you need to go true this. iIt's a process and every step of it it's a lesson that will prepare you to next level God have for you. The real never will be faked. And my friend we know you are REAL material. 🌺💃🏻🌺 Grabs God's hand tightly and you'll pass this hot desert in VICTORY. I guarantee that even if it lasts a little time with God by hand it will pass lighter. STRENGTH AND FAITH. YOU CAN. YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING.💃🏻💪🙏 PS: Palms: 42 🙏

Jul 7th
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152: Seven Things That Are Helping Me Through This Dark Season

152: Seven Things That Are Helping Me Through This Dark Season

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