DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show153: Adam Grant | How to Know the Real You Better
153: Adam Grant | How to Know the Real You Better

153: Adam Grant | How to Know the Real You Better

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Adam Grant (@AdamMGrant) has been Wharton's top-rated professor for seven years, is the host of podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant, and is the author of three New York Times Best Sellers: Option B (with Sheryl Sandberg), Originals, and Give and Take.

What We Discuss with Adam Grant:

  • Why you probably don't know yourself as well as you think you do.

  • Why you're prone to believe things about yourself that are patently false.

  • How people closest to you benefit from reinforcing these falsehoods.

  • Why the people who would most benefit from helping you see these falsehoods are the least likely to point them out.

  • What you can do to become more accurately self-aware.

  • And much more...

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Comments (2)

Sarah M

Damn good insights! Thanks Adam and Jordan!

Jul 2nd

Jordan Harbinger

Sarah M Thank you! What did you like about this one?

Jul 4th
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153: Adam Grant | How to Know the Real You Better

153: Adam Grant | How to Know the Real You Better

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