DiscoverScaling UP! H2O154 The One With AWT President, Tom Brandvold, CWT
154 The One With AWT President, Tom Brandvold, CWT

154 The One With AWT President, Tom Brandvold, CWT

Update: 2020-09-04


"Normally, during this time of year, I am getting ready to see all of you at The Association of Water Technologies Annual Convention. But, as everything goes, this year, I figured that wouldn't be happening. "    

Those were my thoughts before I learned more about the virtual convention AWT is doing instead of an in-person event. Yes, I am sad that I cannot see all of the members of the Scaling UP! Nation! that attend this event every year. But there is so much the virtual option offers.  So, if you are like I was and you feel bummed about not going to this in person, you are going to want to listen to this episode!  You will find that there is so much going on virtually that you won't want to miss it.  "AWT,  

Our guest today is Tom Brandvold, CWT, this year's AWT President. Tom and the other AWT directors had to make hard choices this year. Tom shares what went into that decision to choose a virtual convention instead of our regular in-person meeting. Tom also shares tips, tricks, and tools that will allow you to get the most out of this virtual event.  

  In addition to being this year's AWT President, Tom is a very accomplished water treater. I was able to ask him to share his water treater experiences and stories with us.  You will not want to miss this episode. 

Key Points:  

7:17 – Tom's background  

12:36 – How Tom became the president of Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc.  

16:30 – More about AWT  

19:22 – Leading AWT during Covid-19  

27:42 – Features for vendors at this year's AWT Interactive Convention and Exposition  

30:40 – Details on registration for AWT Interactive Convention and Exposition  

31:56 – How long will participants have access to the materials from the AWT Interactive Convention and Exposition  

34:06 - How do we network at the AWT Interactive Convention and Exposition with a virtual platform?  

36:50 – What lessons have you learned from being on the AWT board?  

44:02 – What would you like employees of water treatment companies to understand better?  

46:22 – What is something you want water treaters to stop doing?  


"If you're involved with water, there is a place for you in AWT."  

"AWT strives to be the global voice for the water treatment industry."  

"There's not a week that goes by that I don't learn or relearn something." 

Links mentioned in this episode: 

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Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc. 

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Industrial Water Week 

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154 The One With AWT President, Tom Brandvold, CWT

154 The One With AWT President, Tom Brandvold, CWT