#155: 5 Tips for Business Success as the economy picks up

#155: 5 Tips for Business Success as the economy picks up

Update: 2021-03-15


So here are those five top tips:
Get Better at Virtual Sales & Presentations – 12 months now since we  started to use Zoom and your customers now at the stage where they expect you to be good at this so now is the time to be the best in your company and the best in your sector and if you are you will be in demand.
Position yourself as a customer asset -  as your customers get their businesses back on track you can position yourself as an invaluable asset to them by providing ideas, advice, knowledge, insight and energy and momentum as well as been an educator someone they trust because remember people buy from people and is only one of you.
Think like an Entrepreneur- regardless of whether you're running your own business or whether you're working for someone else the more you think like an entrepreneur the more successful you are going to be going forward so that includes the way you use LinkedIn, the way you come across with your networking elevator pitch, the way you are constantly looking for opportunities, making connections and starting conversations.
Keep on developing and learning all round Business Skills -  if you wait someone to organise training for you you're waiting just like everybody else so get ahead of the game take advantage of all the learning resources that are around including podcasts, articles YouTube videos, books, webinars an online courses as well as tapping into the knowledge and experience of colleagues and customers
Set yourself or your company a BHAG -  a big hairy audacious goal take you out of your comfort zone, it can be exciting and motivational for you and your colleagues it doesn't have to be for the whole company could be a part of or simply an area that you want to make a significant change to – let me know via podcast@trevorleemedia.co.uk about your BHAG

My BHAG is my 44@60 campaign which is a 44 miles I'm going to run on May 22nd in aid of the Music Therapy programme for the Children's Hospice South-West - if you like to get involved then here is a link to all the details: https://www.trevorleemedia.co.uk/44-60/

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#155: 5 Tips for Business Success as the economy picks up

#155: 5 Tips for Business Success as the economy picks up

Trevor Lee