DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#156 Autumn: The Metal Element, Lungs and Nature with Tahnee and Mason
#156 Autumn: The Metal Element, Lungs and Nature  with Tahnee and Mason

#156 Autumn: The Metal Element, Lungs and Nature with Tahnee and Mason

Update: 2022-04-12


It's time again for us to tune into the elements, our bodies, and the soothing subtle shifts occurring around us in nature; here in the Southern Hemisphere, we have entered into Autumn. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the season of the Metal Element. As we come down from the energised Yang energy of warmer months into the Yin, we naturally find ourselves slowing down and going within. It is a time for introspection, reflection, and letting go of anything mentally, emotionally, or physically that no longer serves us. The Lungs and Large Intestine are the organs associated with the Metal Element. The Lungs, also known as the Seat Of Wisdom, play a vital role in the natural process of fortifying surface immunity (protective Wei Qi), strengthening Qi and our overall immune system. The Lungs also purify; The fresh Autumn air is inhaled and processed into True Human Qi, which is then carried throughout the body and distilled down to the Kidneys. This beautiful flow of transformation and distillation is why it's a good practice to take nourishing Yin herbs that keep the Lungs moisturised and protect the chest area from the cool, drying Autumn air. The Large intestines release toxins and waste from the body that is no longer required. 

Mason Taylor:
So if your Qi is transforming with flow through each of the organ systems through yang and yin, yin and yang, and different degrees and expressions, and let's say, you have a terrain which can protect itself. But that doesn't mean you'd be disrespectful to the system and be aware that it's not as much as it is infinite. It also is finite in what it can do because it's yin and yang. And therefore, you still put a scarf on when the wind is coming in cold to stop that the wind invading in through your throat. You still make sure that your kidneys are nice and warm, so the cold doesn't invade them all through your feet. So, it's yes to both. So, I'll just put it... because I had someone who wanted me to talk about it. Now, that's my piece


Tahnee and Mason discuss the herbs, practices, and emotions of this season, why breathwork practices are essential in this season and the importance of reflecting on the movements of nature with early bed, early rising, and lots of rest. 


Mason and Tahnee discuss: 

-Lung Foods.

-Qi and Lung herbs.

-Surface immunity and Wei Qi.

-Convalescing foods for Autumn.

-The energy of Lung Metal season.

-The emotions of Lung Metal season.

-Exercises for Autumn and Lung energy.

-Contraction and introspection in Autumn.

-The relationship between the Lungs skin.

-The Lung and Large Intestine relationship.

-How to strengthen Qi and build immunity.

-Breathing practices for Lung Metal season.

-Connecting with the seasons through nature.

-Honouring the transition of seasons for good immunity.


Tahnee and Mason Taylor

Tahnee and Mason Taylor are the CEO and founder of SuperFeast. Their mission with SuperFeast is to improve the health, healing, and happiness of people and the planet, through sharing carefully curated offerings and practices that honour ancient wisdom and elevate the human spirit. Together Tahnee and Mason run their company and host the SuperFeast podcast, weaving their combined experience in herbs, yoga, wellness, Taoist healing arts, and personal development with lucid and compelling interviews from all around the world. They are the proud parents of Aiya and Goji, the dog, and are grateful to call the Byron Shire home.




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#156 Autumn: The Metal Element, Lungs and Nature  with Tahnee and Mason

#156 Autumn: The Metal Element, Lungs and Nature with Tahnee and Mason