DiscoverHot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet156 Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder) x Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers)
156 Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder) x Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers)

156 Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder) x Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers)

Update: 2017-11-06


Wow! What an amazing show!
Last week on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet weekly iTunes entrepreneurship podcast I stepped inside the minds of 2 of Australia’s music, marketing and events icons, Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers) and Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder & director).
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Super inspiring chats as we delve into:
Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers):
  • The Wiggles' signature index finger-wagging move - which Wiggles came up with it and where it came from.
  • Murray Cook’s musical inspirations growing up - the first vinyl record he bought, stole or burned.
  • The Soul Movers soul, rock, pop and folk band - how the band came to be, what it means to him and one of the band founders, Lizzie Mack.
  • What inspired Murray Cook, Anthony Field and Greg Page to form The Wiggles in 1991.
  • The Wiggles song writing process and the methods behind it.
  • The hardest part about leaving The Wiggles and the freedom it allowed him to further pursue his passion for guitar and music.
  • An exclusive acoustic live set by The Soul Movers at the end of the podcast featuring Murray Cook and charismatic frontwoman Lizzie Mack.
Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder & director):
  • The repeating theme and motivation that has driven Remo Giuffré’s career forward as an entrepreneur, retail merchant and brand builder in Australia, San Francisco and New York.
  • TEDxSydney - an annual flagship TEDx event which has become the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, innovation and creativity to the rest of the world. 
    • How the TEDxSydney event came about. 
    • The biggest challenges about running the TEDxSydney events that he didn’t anticipate and how he worked through them. 
    • Who’s been one of the TEDxSydney speakers who’s inspired Remo the most so far & why.
  • REMO General Store, the General Thinking network and the General Think Book.
    • The joys and business challenges of REMO General Store.
    • General Think Book - the fascinating journey of Remo’s life and what it is like to become an author for the first time.
Both Murray Cook + Remo Giuffré:
  • Moments of Sheer Joy - Both guests describe in detail a key moment of joy or realisation, a pinch me moments that they’ve had in their career thus far when they’ve thought to themselves “I can’t believe that this is happening right now”.
  • Drive and Self-motivation - What Murray and Remo each do to motivate themselves on those down days or mornings when they just can’t be bothered.
  • 2 pieces of advice that Murray Cook and Remo Giuffré would give to someone who has a dream, but is afraid to take that first step.
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Special Thanks to:
  • Remo Giuffré (founder & director TEDxSydney) x Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers).
  • Lizzie Mack (The Soul Movers).
  • Australian comedian, podcaster and TV presenter, Wil Anderson.
  • Oscar McMahon, Andy, Hanno and all of the Young Henrys crew.
  • Caroline, Riggs, Atlanta and the peeps at The Unicorn Hotel.
  • Tashi Dorjee from TwoSpace.
  • Gaz Williams from General Assembly (and now Inspire9) from FuckUp Nights.
  • Pauly B + Henry for jumping in on sound.
  • Rob Marfleet for photography.
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156 Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder) x Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers)

156 Remo Giuffré (TEDxSydney founder) x Murray Cook (The Wiggles, The Soul Movers)