DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#157 Caesarean Section Recovery and Healing with Nicole Alfred
#157 Caesarean Section Recovery and Healing with Nicole Alfred

#157 Caesarean Section Recovery and Healing with Nicole Alfred

Update: 2022-04-19


One in five women worldwide has had the major abdominal surgery commonly known as C-section- the word major is no hyperbole. Seven layers of tissue (both abdomen and uterus) are cut through, to deliver the baby. Traditionally C-sections were only used in emergencies where either the mother's or baby's life/health was at risk. In modern-day society, they have become a regular pre-elected surgery. 

Today on the podcast, Tahnee talks to C-section Recovery Coach, Doula, and specialised Massage Therapist, Nicole Alfred about all things C-section trauma, recovery, and post-surgery care. Working in this field for over 15 years and having experienced C-section herself, Nicole brings much depth of knowledge and awareness to the lack of C-section rehabilitative care available to women within the healthcare system globally. Nicole's work focuses on changing the current narrative about C-sections, not to promote them like they're better or safer than vaginal birth, but rather something to be avoided where possible. Nicole also works passionately to bring awareness to the lack of preparation and follow-up care that would routinely happen with any other major surgery. Through her multi-layered healing programme (The C-Section Recovery Method), Nicole guides women back to a place of connection within their bodies on every level- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.   

Tahnee and Nicole discuss the untold realities of what happens during and after C-section, the trauma women carry (physically and emotionally) post-C-section, why women need to be advocates for themselves and the care they receive no matter how they birth, and so much more. Make sure you tune in for this beautiful, eye-opening conversation.


"I tell patients, "This is where you gave birth. In this area that I'm working on, I don't just dig right into scar tissue like I would with a muscle that was tight, I respect it. Post birth body acceptance is really important, but it's also really hard. It is hard because what your body was before you had a baby; was just your body. But now you've had a baby and there are all these changes that have happened. And now you have this permanent line across you that may or may not hurt sometimes. And so, it's a lot to integrate. And unfortunately our medical systems are failing. They're failing women by not having the right information available".


- Nicole Alfred


Tahnee and Nicole discuss:


-C-section trauma

-What happens in a C-section?

-Massage for C-section scarring.

-Body acceptance post C-section.

-Bacterial infections post C-section.

-Urinary incontinence post C-section.

-Subsequent pregnancies and VBAC.

-Healing the pelvic floor post C-section.

-The damaging 'bounce back' ideology.

-REST - why it's so important post ALL birth.

-Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) post C-section.

-The feeling of failure many women experience post C-section.

-Corsets/belly binding - when and how we should be using them.


Who Nicole Alfred?

CEO of Fully Alive Wellness and creator of the C-section Recovery Method. Nicole Alfred is a trained doula and has been a Registered Massage Therapist in Oakville, Ontario Canada for the past 15 years.
Nicole also co-owns a continuing education program called Perinatal Massage Therapy Education. Nicole helps C-section Mamas who have experienced an emergency cesarean recover from birth and contributes globally to education and healing protocols for C-section recovery.  




Nicole's Instagram

C-section recovery Facebook group 

C-section recovery method website

Nicole's massage- Fully Alive Wellness

Diastasis Recti book- Katy Bowman


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#157 Caesarean Section Recovery and Healing with Nicole Alfred

#157 Caesarean Section Recovery and Healing with Nicole Alfred