DiscoverMaking Sense with Sam Harris#158 — Understanding Humans in the Wild
#158 — Understanding Humans in the Wild

#158 — Understanding Humans in the Wild

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In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Adam Grant about the social science of the workplace. They discuss how teams work effectively, the nature of power, personality types and fundamental styles of interaction, the critical skill of saying “no,” creativity, resilience, the strange case of Jonas Salk, the nature of mindfulness, the power of cognitive reappraisal, reflections on mortality, the replication crisis in social science, and other topics. 

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Sam Leeney


Jul 8th

Prashanth Lavinna

for some reason both Sam and Adam aren’t comfortable with each other. When Sam brings up the meditation article written by Adam, he asks Sam, “is that what people thought about it?”. Sam doesn’t answer it and goes on with his talk. Even in the end when Adam asked, “isn’t that funny?” Sam doesn’t acknowledge the question. At a point Adam asks, “why are we talking about meditation so long?” Again, no answer from Sam. I don’t know why Sam wasn’t as sharp as he used to be in this interview. The overall interview was just okay. But I did enjoy Adam’s take meditation. I went and checked for the data after Adam’s claim and surprised that the evidence is too thin to promote meditation. Very few placebo controlled studies. I myself use waking up app for meditation. But evangelizing meditation without extensive research isn’t sensible. Anecdotal experience doesn’t validate the merit of meditation.

Jun 15th

Alex Mercedes

well done, Sam as re explaining the what and why of meditation. it's ultimately impossible I think to "convince" someone but everything you said is true to my experience and also it was easy to follow what you said.

Jun 5th

vasish m

sounds like this guy is yawning a lot during the conversation

Jun 1st
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Aaron Williams


May 31st
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#158 — Understanding Humans in the Wild

#158 — Understanding Humans in the Wild