DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#158 Stop Taking Vitamin C, D and Iron with Dan Sipple
#158 Stop Taking Vitamin C, D and Iron with Dan Sipple

#158 Stop Taking Vitamin C, D and Iron with Dan Sipple

Update: 2022-04-261


We're discussing metabolic health, metabolic healing, the kinship of different nutrients and minerals, and how an imbalance of certain nutrients and minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium are at the root cause of a range of health conditions becoming prevalent in society.

In pursuit of health and healing, most people, at some point in their life, have been told by a doctor or healthcare practitioner that they need to take Vitamin C, D, and Iron supplements to bring their body back into a state of harmony. At some point in their life, many women will also be told they are anaemic.

In this episode, Dan breaks down how and why many people who have been diagnosed as anaemic are actually not, and how downsizing the number of synthetic supplements you take daily (a less is more approach)- could be the missing link in achieving health harmony. Dan discusses his health journey finding out he was copper anaemic, which lead him to researching the relationship between ceruloplasmin production, copper deficiency, tissue-stored iron, retinol, D3, and whole-food vitamin C.

We love having Dan frequent the SuperFeast pod; his non-dogmatic approach and devotion to upgrading his knowledge in health and vitality keep us inspired and on point. In this episode, Dan delivers accessible health protocols for acute situations and lifestyle maintenance and discusses what an ancestrally aligned diet looks like, and why our bodies thrive on them.



"It turns, out a lot of the time people aren't actually low in iron. It's just that so much of their iron is stuck in the tissue, and it looks deficient in the blood. So, what do they get? They get iron supplements. Which just compounds the whole problem. It creates more oxidative stress. No one's looking at copper. If anything, they've been told they have too much copper, right? So you can see how that conundrum just accelerates and accelerates. And you end up with this more inflammatory, more oxidative stress type of picture over time, which eventually leads to chronic fatigue".

- Dan Sipple



Mason and Dan discuss:  


-Zinc deficiency.

-Copper anaemia

-Pyrrole disorder.

-Metabolic health.

-Metabolic healing.

-Ancestral nutrition.

-Bioavailable copper.

-Autoimmune disorders.

-DHEA supplementation.

-The Importance of retinol.

-Hemochromatosis in men.

-Terrain theory vs germ theory.

-Copper deficiency symptoms.

-The difference between retinol and beta carotene.

-The relationship between retinol and D3 supplements.

-Whole food vitamin C vs ascorbic acid and liposomal C. 


Who Dan Sipple? 

Dan Sipple also known as The Functional Naturopath is based on the south coast of NSW and has a special interest in gut health, immune dysfunction, pro-metabolic health, mineral rebalancing & hormones. 

Dan has been in the health and wellness arena for over a decade and blends traditional herbal medicine systems and knowledge with cutting-edge functional and integrative testing to best facilitate a patient's journey to peak wellness.




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Resources mentioned in the podcast:


Truth Calkins book

Matt Blackburn website

Morley Robbins - Cure Your Fatigue (book)

Ray Peat- Generative Energy Restoring The Wholeness of Life


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#158 Stop Taking Vitamin C, D and Iron with Dan Sipple

#158 Stop Taking Vitamin C, D and Iron with Dan Sipple