#159: 5 business lessons from 44@60

#159: 5 business lessons from 44@60

Update: 2021-04-12


In this episode I'm sharing five lessons I've learnt from my 44@60 campaign which can apply to business. They are as follows:

  1. Set yourself  or company a BHAG – a big hairy audacious goal – something pushes you outside of your comfort zone and becomes very exciting and motivational to aspire to
  2. Preparation, planning and practice – I had to do an awful lot of all of these 4460 but do we do enough of them in a business context – particularly practice?
  3. Learn from others – I knew nothing about running two years ago but since then I've interviewed people from my rain podcast, I watched YouTube videos, I've had conversations, I read books and you can do the same in business – it doesn't matter how old you are we can keep learning
  4. Visualise success – if you really want to achieve that big order or win a new customer you have to believe it's going to happen you to visualise what it's going to be like when it does happen
  5. Shout a lot – someone told me once that if you want to believe something is going to be real you need to talk about it and shout about it a lot so how good are you are shouting about what you're doing?

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#159: 5 business lessons from 44@60

#159: 5 business lessons from 44@60

Trevor Lee