DiscoverThe Easily Distracted Entrepreneur159. Taking Care of Business & Yourself in a Divorce with Casey Gromer
159. Taking Care of Business & Yourself in a Divorce with Casey Gromer

159. Taking Care of Business & Yourself in a Divorce with Casey Gromer

Update: 2022-12-07


I’m finding more and more entrepreneurs who are navigating divorce while trying to keep their businesses afloat. And that’s not just because I’m a couples therapist. I think many people have finally gotten to the point where what they’ve been doing isn’t working or they’re just not happy, and they decide that divorcing is the right path forward.


That’s the case for this week’s podcast guest, Casey Gromer, fractional CMO and host of the Female Founders Breaking Boundaries podcast. Casey is sharing her story of recently getting divorced while still trying to show up in exactly the same way in her business.


I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that this just isn’t possible. Even in an amicable split, there’s so much going on and so many life changes that you have to give yourself some grace for taking care of yourself.


I’m so grateful that Casey was willing to share her story and her struggles because I know she is not alone in this journey.


Throughout the episode, Casey and I reference my interview on her podcast where we talk more about the emotional side of divorce. Find a link to that episode below!


About Casey Gromer:

Casey Gromer is a 20-year business and marketing expert. As an MBA, she is widely regarded as a go-to source for visionary women entrepreneurs who dream of building businesses to run without them. She is passionate about creating a more equitable landscape for women in business and working to remove common barriers that hold them back.


Casey is podcast host of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries where she encourages women to forgo stale, inflexible business advice in favor of more realistic, workable ways of running their business while still achieving success. Additionally, Casey is the author of “A Fresh Wave of Marketing,” a no-nonsense guide to simplifying the creation of business and marketing strategy.


As founder of C-Suite Boutique, Casey currently serves women entrepreneurs in an advisory role. Under her leadership, clients have scaled their businesses while working less and spending more time doing things they love. The industries she’s supported include retail, e-commerce, service businesses, and manufacturing.

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Time Stamps:


  • [0:50 ] - Casey’s previous episode
  • [1:36 ] - Who is Casey
  • [2:09 ] - Double podcast and Casey’s story
  • [4:09 ] - Foundations of Focus course is on presale
  • [6:03 ] - The impact that going through a divorce has on your business
  • [7:34 ] - Where Casey is in this process
  • [9:31 ] - In stage of life where divorce is more prevalent
  • [10:35 ] - Even if you were the one to initiate the divorce, you still haven’t processed it all
  • [11:01 ] - The reality of starting the process of divorce
  • [12:20 ] - The waiting to return to normal
  • [13:28 ] - Different stages of the divorce process
  • [17:07 ] - Being upset doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision
  • [18:25 ] - You want to achieve goals, but things feel crappy right now
  • [20:17 ] - Now that I know what’s happening, how can I proactively restructure work 
  • [22:48 ] - We discount the impact this stuff has on us
  • [23:29 ] - Adding tasks to your list that you might not have been doing before
  • [26:16 ] - Letting go of your partner’s income
  • [30:04 ] - Let go of some of your work and outsource it
  • [32:30 ] - Fear that your reputation is being tarnished 
  • [34:51 ] - Set expectations with clients and know you’ll recover if they leave
  • [36:40 ] - Getting insurance is expensive
  • [38:13 ] - The euphoria is gone
  • [40:41 ] - You don’t have to be superhuman
  • [41:45 ] - What she’s thinking about as she moves forward 
  • [44:23 ] - Reassess and let go of the “have to”
  • [45:44 ] - You can’t work your own magic on yourself
  • [48:25 ] - You “should” know something but it’s not the same when you’re in it
  • [49:05 ] - Hairstylists don’t cut their own hair, tattoo artists don’t give themselves tattoos
  • [53:26 ] - What’s happening is normal; learn from Casey’s mistakes
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159. Taking Care of Business & Yourself in a Divorce with Casey Gromer

159. Taking Care of Business & Yourself in a Divorce with Casey Gromer