#16: How To Learn Dialects with Karen Strassman

#16: How To Learn Dialects with Karen Strassman

Update: 2019-08-14


You are in for a HUGE treat today. If you've ever wanted to figure out how to nail an accent/dialect, you are going to devour this episode! I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Karen Strassman.  You've seen her on tons of television shows and have probably heard her voice in a cartoon or video game and didn't realize it.  In addition to all of her on-camera work, she is a sought-after dialect coach. The tips she shares in this interview are amazing. Get ready to take some notes.  You may even want to come on over to my YouTube channel to watch this video.  It's THAT good! Enjoy!

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#16: How To Learn Dialects with Karen Strassman

#16: How To Learn Dialects with Karen Strassman

Christine Horn