DiscoverSpaceTime with Stuart GaryMagellanic Cloud Stars Discovered in the Milky Way
Magellanic Cloud Stars Discovered in the Milky Way

Magellanic Cloud Stars Discovered in the Milky Way

Update: 2020-02-21


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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 16

*Magellanic Cloud stars discovered in the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered stars made out of material from two nearby dwarf galaxies known as the Magellanic Clouds in the Milky Way.


*Space Travel brain damage study

A study reported in the journal eNuro has found that exposure to chronic, low dose radiation - the conditions present in deep space – would cause neural and behavioural impairments in astronauts.


*Soyuz returns Expedition 61 crew

Three members of the International Space Station’s Expedition 61 crew have returned safely to Earth aboard their Soyuz MS-13 capsule.


*Iran satellite failure

Iran has failed in its latest attempt to launch a satellite into orbit – but the launch was very successful as a missile test.


*Preserving the night sky

One of the great sights in the southern nights’ skies is the iconic constellation of the Southern Cross.


*The Science Report

A new study warns that Arctic ice melt caused by global warming is changing ocean currents.

Researchers say probiotic bacteria, commonly used in yoghurt could help inflammatory disorders.

A new study has found teens are struggling to control their impulses online.

Ancient virus and bacteria found in ice core drill samples from Tibet.

New research claims a dog’s tendency to yawn when you do doesn’t mean they like you.

72 percent of people have used Dr Google rather than a real doctor at least once.


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Magellanic Cloud Stars Discovered in the Milky Way

Magellanic Cloud Stars Discovered in the Milky Way