DiscoverMay the Record Reflect16. 50 Tips for 50 Years, Part 2
16. 50 Tips for 50 Years, Part 2

16. 50 Tips for 50 Years, Part 2

Update: 2021-03-02


In this episode of May the Record Reflect, we continue our 50th anniversary celebration by picking up where we left off in Episode 15. Part II of this “50 Tips for 50 Years” mini-series gives you best practices for dealing with nerves at trial, how to improve your public speaking skills, and delivering a sound winning argument, as shared by NITA program directors, faculty members, authors, and members of the Board of Trustees.

1:25     Dealing with nerves at trial—or anywhere

15:11   Getting good at public speaking

23:45   Delivering a sound closing argument

29:53   Signature sign-off question

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Building Rapport with a Jury: Lessons in Picking the Jury that’s Right for your Case (Richard Schoenberger)

Persuade, Respond, and Prevail: Essentials of Motions Argument (Terre Rushton)

Ethically Speaking: Meeting the Challenges of Professionalism in Remote Proceedings (Whitney Untiedt)

Serenity Now: Carol Sowers on Being Poised in the Courtroom 

One on One on One, with Judge Mark Drummond and Carol Sowers

15 Tips for Presenting Yourself Online (Carol Sowers)

Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla’s “Foolproof” Tips for Professional Communication 

Foolproof: The Art of Communication for Lawyers and Professionals (Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla)

Maximize the Magic of Online Mediations (Sidney Kanazawa)

Tips for Online Mediation in the Age of Social Distancing (Sidney Kanazawa)

The Articulate Attorney: Public Speaking for Lawyers (Brian Johnson, Marsha Hunter)

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16. 50 Tips for 50 Years, Part 2

16. 50 Tips for 50 Years, Part 2

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