16. Human 2040

16. Human 2040

Update: 2018-09-12


The world will change a lot between 2018, and 2040. With societal, political, economic, technological and militaristic changes... who knows what kids in 22 years will deal with. Yet - for us as parents looking to prepare our kids and send them off to the world with a higher likeliness of success, we care a lot about this. We may not be able to put much time on a daily basis to thinking about this... but the conversation has never been more important.
So what skills will functional members of society need in 2040? Many of these will sound familiar, as they're TIMELESS skills (not "soft" skills - thanks Adam). From being flexible and adaptable, to learning how to think creatively and critically - these timeless skills will benefit both parents and kids to be emphasized.
Yet, our education system doesn't necessarily cultivate a strong solution to these critical requirements. Although changes along the way can help keep these public school systems up to speed, there's plenty that parents like us can do on the side. Whether it's learning new skills ourselves, helping our kids solve their own problems, or fostering an ability to survive change through flexibility and adaptability - it's on us.
Want resilient kids who can survive changes with ease? Let's first look at how we react to change, and work on our own perspective. Want to help your kid become a critical thinker who's not scared to ask questions? Let's first look at ourselves, how we act around our boss (and other people of authority), and see how we can be more effective... then teach our kids to do the same. It's frustrating, because with busy schedules it's so tempting to just "subcontract" out parenting to schools, teachers and day cares.... but it's truly on us to take ownership.
But - here's the good news. 2040 is 22 years away - meaning we have over 8,000 days left to offer daily nudges, challenges and opportunities for our kids to develop. One minute a day, one question a day, one conversation a day - you can help inspire burgeoning minds and encourage their development through tactical engagement.
So, with that, we encourage your listening and enjoyment. Hit us up with questions, suggestions and feedback - we're all ears. Thanks for listening, and as always THANK YOU to our Patrons!
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16. Human 2040

16. Human 2040

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