DiscoverHot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet160 Andrea Szew (USA Immigration Lawyer - Szew Law Group)
160 Andrea Szew (USA Immigration Lawyer - Szew Law Group)

160 Andrea Szew (USA Immigration Lawyer - Szew Law Group)

Update: 2017-12-04


Ever wanted to work in the USA like me?
Last year I was in Los Angeles and the USA under the ESTA Visa Waiver Program for just under 3 months to explore what Los Angeles was like as a place to be based for work - to see if there was another side to the City of Angels away from the plastic fantastic and then based on these experiences, decide if I wished to pursue the O1 Visa as an option to work in the USA (also known as the O1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability Visa - yes, that’s what it’s called). 
Now any Australian who has spent time in Los Angeles with a Green Card, E3 or O1 Visa will tell you that they have the best US Immigration Lawyer in the USA ever! And chances are that they might, but it’s not all cut & dried and there are some key things that you need to know before you go splash the cash on securing a lawyer in the hopes of chasing the American dream.
This week on Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! I chat with Los Angeles-based US International Business and Immigration lawyer, Andrea Szew, about:
  • The 5 Must-Haves When Applying for a US Visa.
  • How Trump's administration is affecting foreign nationals' ability to work in the US 1 year on since taking office and what you as an applicant needs to take into consideration.
  • Andrea Szew’s life growing up in California, her time at UCLA and what inspired her to become a lawyer specializing in Immigration Law.
  • Some of the iconic Australian clients she’s worked with including Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, Australia’s Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas and much much more.
For context, Andrea and I met through the Aussies in LA / Australians in LAFacebook Pages, which is a wonderful community of Aussies and a super important resource for any Australian based in or seeking to be approved for a USA visa to work in Los Angeles. 
And the good news is that there is SO much more to L.A. than the glitter, gloss and your name up in lights; countless hiking trails in the greater Los Angeles area, live comedy every night of the week, amazing Mexican food, a live music scene that makes your mouth water and I fell in love with the Sports Bar culture too. I’ve found the American people as a whole, from my previous holidays there and on this trip, to be so warm and welcoming, polite and giving. Plus if you need it, there’s this a super supportive community of expat Australians in both Los Angeles and New York City (should you need it) and a whole new country to explore. Loves it!
So if you an Australian businessman/women seeking to work in the USA or you have a friend who is… if you are award-winning digital media professional, an actor, musician, producer or entertainer who believes you have done the hard yards and have what it takes to make it in the USA, then this is the podcast for you!
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160 Andrea Szew (USA Immigration Lawyer - Szew Law Group)

160 Andrea Szew (USA Immigration Lawyer - Szew Law Group)