DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#160 Daoist Herbs and Practices For Sexual Vigour With Mason Taylor
#160 Daoist Herbs and Practices For Sexual Vigour With Mason Taylor

#160 Daoist Herbs and Practices For Sexual Vigour With Mason Taylor

Update: 2022-05-10


Are you looking to ignite the dulled flame of your sexual essence? Are you feeling depleted and lacking lustre for the day, let alone for having a robust lib*do? Perhaps you're looking to support your sexual vigour so you can continue to thrive, love life, and enjoy sex well into your later years. We're all sexual beings, and having the energy, spirit, and capacity to express ourselves in such a way is the spark that keeps us inspired and in love with life.

Earlier this year, Mason did a live webinar on the topic of Lib*do and how Daoist tonic herbalism serves as a beautiful gateway into the cultivation of lifelong practices that will continue to expand sexual capacity, sexual vigour, and keep our essence burning strong well into our 60's, 70's and 80's. The webinar was so well received; that we've decided to make it an episode on the podcast.

This episode is a holistic, integrated guide to establishing your intention and awareness of where you want your sexual vigour and capacity to be in 10, 20, and 30 years. Mason explains the relationship between Jing (Yin and Yang Jing), foundational energy, the kidneys, and how they are all inextricably woven into our potential for sexual desire and vigour. He also lays down an integrated guide to the Daoist tonic herbs, discussing how specific blends work within the organs to cultivate sexual essence, lasting potential and can work as a support system right through to our elderly years.

Ultimately this is a holistic discussion around how we can use the teachings of Daoism to embody the most sexually robust, unique, love-filled expressions of ourselves! There is also a compact resource guide below with links to everything mentioned (and more) in the webinar, be sure to check it out. 


"So put into place something to ensure you are taking your herbs regularly. Put your boundaries in place to ensure that you have enough time to cultivate your essence and have enough time to really go into that loving place where you know you have the space to take all those experiences that your potential and your sexual essence and lib*do have given you. And you have enough time to sit with it within your heart and let it sink in and make, gain wisdom".


- Mason Taylor


Mason discusses:


-Yang Jing herbs

-The quality of lib*do.

-Foundational energy.

-Protecting our essence.

-Spontaneous joy and sex.

-The Daoist tonic herbs and lib*do

-The cultivation of Jing, Qi and Shen.

-Yin Jing- cultivating the waters of life.

-Good sleep practices for sexual vigour.

-How adaptogens help to restore lib*do.

-Jing foundational essence and lib*do.

Bonds, boundaries, spleen energy and protecting Jing. 




Products and Books:

JING Blend




Deer Antler Velvet

JING, QI, SHEN (Three Treasures bundle)

Eucommia bark (primary Yang Jing herb).

Ron Teeguarden - The Ancient Wisdom Of Chinese Tonic Herbs (Book)



Cordyceps Health Benefits- Article

The 7 Sexy Benefits of Schisandra- Article

The Three Treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen)- Article 

Jing: What is it, and how to cultivate it- Article 

Cultivating Passion and Desire Article by Molly Helfend.

Discover Deer Antler Velvet Impressive Benefits- Article


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#160 Daoist Herbs and Practices For Sexual Vigour With Mason Taylor

#160 Daoist Herbs and Practices For Sexual Vigour With Mason Taylor